10 Ideas for Decorating Your Living Room with Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a centrepiece in fashioning inspiring interiors, and placing them creatively in the living room adds to the ambience and dimension and helps create the impression of space and natural light. Whether simple or ornate, arched or tall, sleek mirrors are a focal point in your living room, amp up your living space, alter its mood, and reflect your artistic taste and personality.

10 Best Ideas to Style Your Living Room with Mirrors

Here are 10 breathtaking mirror ideas to style your living room and transform it instantly. 

1. Use an Open Wall To Hang a Convex Wall Mirror

To get a panoramic glimpse of your living room, mount a convex wall mirror on an open wall. A mirror with a metallic finish will pair beautifully with your drawing room colour scheme. Convex mirrors, with their curved surface and visual appeal, can be placed on an open wall to reflect an eye-catching view of the interiors or garden and build an illusion of space.

2. Fill the Vacant Corners With Tall Leaner Mirrors

Holding up a tall, floor-length mirror against the support of a wall can enhance your living room space and vacant corners easily. As an extra benefit, the reflecting light from the mirror can amplify the look of a small space by making it appear large. Place lanterns or a tall vase stacked with pampas grass before your mirror to make it the most clicked living room space. 

3. Consider Grouping Mirrors

Multiple plain mirrors add a chic look to your room and add to the decorative options. You can experiment with a symmetrical arrangement of several mirrors, lacing them uniformly spaced from other main attractions on the wall. You can also vary the shapes and dimensions of the mirrors, but see to it that they do not reflect on one another.  

4.  Use Mirror Partitions As An Art Piece 

Mirror partitions are fashionable and versatile, as they serve as a separator and also as an art piece in your drawing room. Choose a style that blends with your living room design, like retro, ultra-modern, or minimalist. You can accentuate the feel of your living room by picking tinted mirrors. 

5. Statement Mirror As a Prime Focus

A statement mirror with a stunning shape, textured frame, or grand look can work as a prime focus spot in your living room. You can pick from crystal-shaped designs or a mirrored pendant that makes such mirrors a centre of attraction and a lively decor piece. 

6. Mount A Mirror Over the Cabinet Space

If your living room has a cabinet, placing a mirror with an attractive frame does a decorative trick. This breaks the monotony, matches with your remaining decor, and brings elegance to your conversation room.

7. Pick Circular Mirrors for your Living Room

While implementing mirror ideas for the living room, consider how the space and different decor elements function. For instance, in the living room, the circular mirror evens up the composition of various geometric objects. Round mirrors are the in-thing in the interior decor realm as they impart a relaxing appeal. 

8. Place a Mirror Behind a Sofa to Utilize the Spot

The wall behind your sofa is a prime spot to hang paintings, pictures, and different decor objects, including a mirror. This space cannot be left empty, as it will appear dull. So, why not beautify it with a mirror? The mirror will reflect objects from the room, offering the illusion that the spot over the sofa is decorated artfully.

9. Antique Mirror for your Living Room

Exquisite, ornately crafted mirrors impart a luxurious feel to the living room. The classic mirrors bestow an art decor ambience while also scattering light, rendering the living area visually spacious. Moreover, a gold-girdled mirror for living room decor makes a bold statement with empty walls. Further, it lends your room a ton of authenticity and character. 

10. Hang a Mirror Next to a Lantern to Raise Illumination

Certainly, a tall lantern in front of the mirror will conceal the reflective gem, though it can fulfil another purpose. Positioning mirrors behind lanterns will help ramp up the glimmer of your lantern, and the attractive frames will impart graceful borders to the fixture.

Moreover, this is an awesome way to camouflage an ugly nook or corner that just doesn’t blend with the architectural harmony of the living room.


Mirrors can raise the aesthetics of your living room, transforming it into a visually spectacular space. Whether you pick a gallery wall, sunburst mirrors, windowpane mirrors, a mirrored accent wall, or mirrored furniture, each concept carries its own unique beauty. Juggle around with these eye-grabbing mirror ideas to add a touch of personality, depth, and elegance to your living room, making it a true reflection of your sophistication and style.


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