10 Things to do in Southern India with Friends

Nestled between lush terrains and enchanting water bodies, the southern states of India are a place of sheer adventure, excitement, and culture. From blissful temples of Chennai to Karnataka famous food items, there is so much to explore here with friends and family. Especially during the summer, South India sees a grand influx of visitors from not just neighboring states but also visitors from across Indian borders. 

But with every trip, there must be an itinerary. Something that makes sure that you visited the right place, enjoy the right food, and have a wholesome experience. Be it a weekend getaway or a vacation, here are some of the top things you can enjoy in places like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with your buddies. From spots to visit, adventures to try, and especially Karnataka famous food to feast upon, here are the top 10 things to do.  

  • Enjoy the lush valleys of Coorg

A place of sheer peace and natural enigma, Coorg is a must-visit when traveling to Karnataka. A delight for nature lovers, this mystic place is wrapped in green with lush valleys and hills. This hill station is also widely known for producing some of the best coffee plantations in the country. Visit the place with your friends, enjoy some warm coffee amidst nature, relax and unwind.  

  • Shopping at Bangalore 

The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore offers several exciting opportunities to enjoy with friends. The place has some of the best malls, branded shops, and street vendors selling a grand collection of clothing, ornaments, and jewelry. In other words, if you love shopping, you are going to be here forever. There are also some quiet lakes found at various points in the city. You can enjoy activities like boating at these lakes. Besides, if we talk about places serving delicious food, Bangalore cannot be disregarded. The place offers a selection of lip-smacking street food, regional cuisine, and a unique style of coffee. 

  • Enjoy History In Mysore

When we talk about ancient culture and heritage sites, one name that always pops up in Mysore. Among the most ancient places in the country, Mysore is decorated with a catalog of historical architecture and artifacts including place like Mysore Palace that has been considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Other activities like yoga, shopping for the distinctive silk sarees, and enjoying famous Mysore Dosa are some of the things that one must try with their friends and family. 

  • Chill At The Beach 

Every leisure lover’s love is Beach. Laying around, enjoying the sun slowly plunge into the horizon can truly be categorized as a pleasant vacation. If you too are a beach lover, a vacation with your loved ones at Gokarna in Karnataka or Marina in Chennai is a must. Enjoy a variety of water activities, slow walks on the beach, and coconut water at these places. When the sun sets and it’s dark outside, you can also delight upon beach camping and bonfire. 

  • Admire The Waterfalls In Chikmagalur  

A relishing experience of witnessing water cascading through the sturdy rocks making a tingling sound can be enjoyed in places like Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Found in the palm of nature, Chikmagalur offers activities like boat tours and jeep rides amidst lush terrains of Madugundi fall, best enjoyed with a group of friends or family. 

  • Take A Wild Ride 

Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is a favorite destination among nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. With a collection of Cheetahs, Tigers, Deers, Elephants, Eagles, Bee Eaters, and a variety of similar animals and bird species, the place is a majestic destination to visit. The best way to enjoy Bandipur National Park is via a long ride. 

  • Celebrate The Nightlife Of Chennai 

Well, being with your friends, visiting a new place and not enjoying its nightlife would be a great downside. Chennai offers an imperial buffet of nightclubs and pubs with a large dance floor, hip music, and some more. If you love to party, visit Vapour Lounge, Pasha, Bay 146, Chipstead, and Based on a true story. 

  • Trekking in Munnar

A true adventurer’s delight, trekking amidst the valleys of Munnar is equally exciting as it is soul-satisfying. The place is a nature paradise adorned with enchanting gullies, towering trees, and blissful sceneries. Trekking here can be enjoyed both by new beginners and veteran experienced trekkers. 

  • Feast Upon Karnataka famous food

Among all the other south Indian states, Karnataka serves the most variety of dishes. From simple staple dishes like Wada and Idli to mouth-watering Mysore Dosa and Sambar, if you are in Karnataka you have to try its food. 

  • Pray At Meenakshi Amma Temple

All Southern Indian states have one thing in common, their temples. Among all the other Meenakshi Amma Temple is considered to be one of the oldest and most bestowed temples in the region. A symbol of ancient Hindu architecture and culture, the place is truly unique. 

So, these were the top 10 places and things you can do when you visit the southern states of India. Now pack your bags, choose your place, and get going. 

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