10 Tips for Purchasing a Reliable Used Car in Chandigarh

While the Indian vehicle industry has been expanding rapidly over the last several years, the used car market has already surpassed the size of the new car market. This also indicates that far more people purchase pre-owned vehicles than new ones. 

Today, used automobile sales and purchases occur on various platforms, such as pre-owned cars for sale online portals, physical advertising, and used car dealerships. However, buying a great used vehicle may be a Herculean endeavour since you cannot trust every used car salesperson you encounter. Here are some guidelines for purchasing quality second-hand automobiles in Chandigarh.

Tips to Buy Used Cars in Chandigarh

  1. Set a Budget

Set a budget before beginning the process of purchasing a used vehicle. Though similar to purchasing a new vehicle, it is rather simple to overspend while purchasing a used vehicle. Consider aspects such as the length of time you want to retain the vehicle, the monthly mileage you anticipate driving, and the overall maintenance and repair expenses of the automobile models you are considering purchasing. Also, consider issues such as auto insurance.

  1. Which Automobile Should You Purchase?

Additionally, it is crucial to determine which vehicle best matches your demands and lifestyle. For instance, those who reside in regions with poor roads should choose a car with high ground clearance. On the other hand, those seeking a comfortable highway cruiser with sufficient baggage space might choose an MPV or a sedan.

Essentially, develop a list of the features you want in a used automobile, and then begin searching for cars that fit within your budget. Using our automobile price calculator, you can determine the correct resale value of any vehicle. There are many pre-owned cars for sale on online websites that provide cars at very affordable prices.

  1. Check Out The Used Automobiles throughout The Day

Occasionally, used car shops are lit with various dazzling coloured lights that make the vehicles seem more spectacular. It is also a wonderful method for concealing scratches. Therefore, the optimum time to inspect parked vehicles is during the day. Observing the car in natural lighting allows you to detect even the smallest scratches or paint fades.

  1. What Age Is “Old”?

Generally, a vehicle less than two years old and has travelled less than 20,000 kilometres is a safe bet. Depending on your budget, you may choose an older vehicle, particularly if it is still in production and replacement parts are readily accessible. However, it is preferable to avoid chauffeur-driven vehicles since they tend to depreciate rapidly. Also, it is typical for someone to tamper with the odometer and reduce its reading to deceive prospective purchasers.

Consequently, constantly verify the service records. This will not only help you determine how far the vehicle has been driven, but it will also allow you to determine whether it has been frequently maintained at authorized service centres.

  1. Check the Vehicle with A Mechanic

Even if you have years of automobile experience and a decent grasp of their mechanical components, it is in your best interest to have a competent technician evaluate the vehicle you want to purchase. Not only will the technician be able to detect even the tiniest issues, but he will also provide an estimate of the cost of repairs.

  1. Verify VIN And Get Service Records

Every automobile is sold with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Using this unique number, you may get various information, including the vehicle’s manufacturing date and service records from approved service centres.

  1. Check Insurance Records

At the service centre, it is simple to collect data on all insurance claims filed. This makes it easy to comprehend what the car has gone through and what disasters it has been engaged in. Typically, insurance pays for repairs made at approved dealerships. 

  1. Drive The Vehicle Extensively Many Times

Give the vehicle you intend to purchase a thorough test drive. You should do many test drives. You may also ask your mechanic or a trusted friend to test drive the vehicle and provide feedback. Ensure you accelerate when driving the car to see whether the engine is functioning properly. Additionally, stop hard and make a few tight bends to assess the condition of the brakes and steering. Additionally, drive on a broken road to determine the suspension’s condition.

  1. Look for Rust Stains

Examine the car’s exterior carefully. It is important to avoid autos with even minor rust areas. Rust weakens the metal and lowers the vehicle’s structural strength. It is very difficult to remove the rust spots. Check for corrosion on the car’s undercarriage, running boards, and engine mounts.

  1. Dealer Tricks

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, remember that the salesperson may easily mislead you into spending your hard-earned money on a lemon. While not all salespeople are dishonest, purchasing a used automobile from a second-hand car dealer is not prudent.


To help you avoid such shady merchants, several respectable dealers provide a vast selection of pre-owned cars for sale online to aid you in selecting the ideal used vehicle. You may skip travelling to these dealers to sell your old vehicle since they can assist you in selling your vehicle online for the greatest price.


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