10 Tips on How to Clean Your Carpet Without Services

A nice and soft carpet is a true decoration of the house interior that contributes both to the coziness and completes some practical tasks like keeping warmth. Besides, carpets help gather dust and hair by accumulating them in a pile. So on the one hand, it lets you clean the floor less often, but on the other, now you need to clean the carpet itself for it can turn into a real health danger. If you don`t feel like breathing dust and suffering from asthma, get ready to endless cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming. And these 10 tips will help you to keep your house clean in the easiest and cheapest ways without calling special services.  

Wet Rag or Broom

Surely, this is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about cleaning carpets from hair. This tip is the easiest one and needs no high-tech devices or even electricity. But despite its obviousness and simplicity, this trick can be very effective. Take a rag and wet it, then squeeze extra water and gently wipe the carpet in the opposite direction of the pile. You can also use a wet broom in just the same way – shake it to get rid of excess moisture and sweep the carpet. Be careful with soft and long pile; otherwise, you can damage the carpet.

Carpet Brush

One more easy and common method of carpet cleaning is a brush. In some cases, the brush can turn out to be more effective than a broom or a rag. This household tool is smaller and may reach difficult places or tiny spots left after sweeping. A brush has a convenient handle and thick bristles that keep every hair very thoroughly and leave your carpet clean. For better effect, please choose the material and thickness of bristles according to your purpose or peculiarity of application. You may use a dry brush or a wet one, sweep the rag and remove pet hair.

Carpet Beating

Try to take your carpet outside and beat it at least twice a year or during every great cleanup. Even if you do wet cleaning every day and regularly vacuum the floor dust inside the house is accumulated in various tissues like clothes or rugs. It changes the color, makes it look faded and dirty, and slowly harms health.   

Carpet Shampoo

This kind of household chemical is applied in carpet and rugs cleaning. The principle of action is based on chemical interaction and wet cleaning of the pile with further usage of brushes or vacuum cleaners. Just like human shampoos these soften dirt, grease, refresh the pile not harming the structure or washing the color.  Shampoos eliminate smell and pet hair and give the second life to your carpet.

Traditional Detergents

If you don`t trust professional shampoos or have some contraindications like allergies you may easily clean a carpet using traditional detergents. Ammonia, vinegar and lemon juice are known as the oldest stain removers. Soda absorbs unpleasant smells, and hydrogen peroxide helps purge blood and coffee.

Pet Hair Remover Glove

This flexible glove was specially designed for brushing loose hair from animals and reducing it from clothes, furniture, and carpets. On the palm side, the glove has a rank of special soft rubber tips that catch every single hair. You should put it on your hand and carefully brush carpet with the rubber side. When you finished cleaning, and all dust has been removed, you can peel it off the glove. For some people, gloves are even handier than brushes and brooms. Your hands don`t go numb after long brushing, and carpets don`t lose the fibers for the gloves are usually softer and brush a carpet more gently.

Adhesive Tape

It`s a rather funny but still useful tip. Cut off a small piece of tape, put it on the carpet, and press. All hair and crumbs will stick to the tacky side. Surely, adhesive tape suits only rugs or small carpets as it takes you a lot of time to clean the whole carpet. But you may use this trick as a little game while cleaning the house with children; then the cleaning process will go faster. For better results combine this cleaning tip with preceding sweeping or vacuuming, because some hair which is set deep into the pile can stay on the carpet.

Classical vacuum cleaners for carpets

Nowadays, a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable cleaning item in every family. No one who has mats would be able to do without this small but powerful helper. Modern models are varied from common vacuum cleaners with an average power to the latest devices designed especially for carpet cleaning. The leading companies such as Shark, Rug doctor, Dyson equip their cleaners with engines that provide both excellent suction power and quiet work. Different additional nozzles clean thick piles, work with difficult places and spots.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs is another useful way to keep your house clean. This hi-tech device will help you to avoid house cleaning. Robot vacuum cleaner looks like a small circle equipped with different brushes and laser sensors. The robot charges from special station and then moves around the house picking up dust and small rubbish. Vacuum cleaner perfectly navigates in space due to the laser sensors. Remote control system helps run the cleaner via smartphone and get information about its present location. You may be at work and at the same time cleaning your apartment. Multiple brushes perfectly clean flat surfaces as well as carpets and rugs, so that you can choose the best for carpet floors.

Steam Generator

A steam generator does cleaning very similar to the chemical one but without any shampoos or special household chemicals. The power of steam (heated water under high pressure) helps melt pollutions such as paints, grease, old spots, eliminate dirt and odors at the same time sterilizing the fiber. The steam generator is perfectly safe for allergic people, children, and pets.

Now we see that every carpet may be cleaned at home as quickly and effectively as possible with the minimum of cleaning tips. Admittedly, professional companies and dry-cleaning services will do everything for you and cope with the worst stains, but our little home hacks can also help you eliminate the overwhelming majority of pollutions and save both money and favorite carpet.


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