101-yr old Gold Medal Winner Mann Kaur titled as “Miracle from Chandigarh” by New Zealand Media

“Miracle from Chandigarh” as they call her, meet Mann Kaur from Chandigarh, a 101-year-old athlete who won a Gold medal at the World Masters Games in Auckland on Monday. Winning a gold medal in the 100+ category of 100 meters of sprint for this ‘young at heart’ athlete makes her bag her 17th Gold medal in the athletic career that began seven years ago.

Late Career start- Not too Bad of a choice

Deriving inspiration from her son, Gurdev Singh who also participated in the games, Mann Kaur’s inspirational career choices have set an example for the world. The athlete’s commendable journey kick-started off when she decided to have her late-blooming career at the age of 94 with her son. Following a strict diet of having wheat grass juice and a glass of kefir which is a fermented milk, the athlete runs, jogs, walks and cooks as part of her daily routine. Some choices made, even at a later stage in your lives, but with conviction bears fruitful results. If you do not believe the notion, believe the facts as they need no proofs.

A beautiful sight at the World Masters Games’17

Taking the entire audience in awe and surprise, Mann Kaur did not cater to what people, media and competitors had to say. She was there for a purpose and she nailed it with sheer determination and courage. As the centenarian reached the finish line, the spectators had no option but to believe what they saw. Finishing off 100 meters sprint category within 64.42 seconds off Usain Bolt’s 100m world record which was set in the year 2009, Kaur took one minute 14. 58 seconds as the entire crowd cheered for her indomitable spirit and enthusiasm at this age.

Mann Kaur speaks volumes with her One-liners

For her, Age is Just a Number. What other things the 101-year-old Mann Kaur hailing from Chandigarh believes, Take a look!

  • Participation matters above winning and racing against the time
  • Enjoy the run and be happy
  • As to what her future plans are, she claims she would continue to run
  • No full stop for her, as she would not give up
  • Set your own standards

Beat the Odds that pull you back

Not only setting up a record of having 17 gold medals in her kitty, the 101-year-old woman athlete has beaten all the conventional odds to fill the vast space lying vacant with full of vigour and vitality of her thoughts and actions. Being the oldest entry at the games, she drew attention and brought laurels to her nation and hometown Chandigarh.

Living in Indian community at Auckland, she strives hard to continue her athletic journey and delivers a strong message to everyone losing hope out there, “It’s Never Too Late.”

Rightly said, “If you really aspire for something from within, the whole world conspires to help you to achieve it.” Seems like a film dialogue, not an issue, re-read the article, to have a visual evidence !!!

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