124 PGs in Chandigarh Might Close Down | Here is Why?

According to the latest news, Chandigarh UT department has issued a notice to 124 house owners who have been illegally operating the Paying Guest facilities. According to the Chandigarh city records only 20 Paying Guest facilities have been registered with the government and rest of the PG’s operating in Chandigarh are illegal.

Notice Issued by Government to 124 Illegal PGs in Chandigarh

As per the law, Before starting the Paying Guest Facility in Chandigarh or anywhere one has to register with the government. Recently the UT department has issued the legal notice to the illegally operating Paying Guest facilities in the city. Most of these 124 illegal PGs are located in the prime sectors of Chandigarh including Sectors 21, 22, 33, 34, 35, 43, and, 44. This issue came into eyes of the government after several complaints were filed regarding the nuisance caused by the PG facilities in the city.

Chandigarh has been a home to many Paying Guest facilities. In fact, according to the survey total of 200 Paying guest facilities has been noticed within the city. Shockingly, only 20 of which are legally registered. As per the actions of the Chandigarh department, the 15 days time duration has been given to all the house owners to respond to the legal notice. As per the law, only the houses that are constructed in an area of or above 7.5 Marla can operate a Paying Guest Facility. Along with this, there is a law stating that the registration for any such services is must and the owners will have to pay according to the commercial rates of water and electricity.

Well, the Paying Guest facility has been growing within Chandigarh due to lack of sufficient Hostels and continuously increasing students and working-class people from around the city. Most of the Pgs have been accommodated by the students who have come to the city to continue their higher education from Punjab and Haryana. Though it is a necessity still it has come forward as a mere disappointment that these many numbers of PGs are operating illegally in the City like Chandigarh. Most of these illegal PGs have been located around the sectors – 15-16, 18 to 22, 31-32, 34-38 and other prominent sectors in Chandigarh.

If the House owners do not come through the formalities within 15 days period, then these PGs might have to shut down permanently unless the legal formalities are complete.

Source – Hindustan TimesĀ 


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