13 Year Old Guy in Haryana Develops Bike Powered by Solar Energy

The technology is growing rapidly. Every day, every minute something or the other is getting an update. You won’t believe what this Haryana teenager has done. He has done something which a lot of people has dreamt of doing and millions of people are still dreaming.

Avneet Kumar, A Haryana teenager has developed a mind blowing solar powered bike and he dreams of making a solar-powered car. Avneet Kumar is a resident of Rewari, Haryana.

Avneet Kumar’s Big Dreams

Avneet Kumar has already developed a solar powered bike. He dreams to come up with a solar-powered car which would cost less than a tata NANO.

A lot of scientists across the world are still working on solar power vehicle and Avneet has made us proud by developing it. A lot of the kids at his age would find it impossible to develop a solar vehicle. The solar powered bike developed by Avneet runs on renewable sources of energy.

Revolutionary Solar Powered Bike

Highlights of Avneet’s Solar powered bike:

  • The solar powered bike will generate power by the panels which are attached to the back and drives the solar powered bike forward.
  •  Avneet’s solar powered bike is cost effective and emission-free.

The Evolution Of Solar Vehicles

Solar vehicles would eventually save our environment by curbing the growing air pollution. The air pollution is generated from the fuel generated vehicles.

Elon Musk’s Tesla has been a leader when it comes to solar powered cars. Elon Musk has also hinted that Tesla would be coming with solar roofs on the car. It is expected that Elon Musk will soon launch the solar rooftop for house owners.

Avneet has made us proud by building solar-powered bike and we hope he stays focussed and soon comes up with his dream solar powered car.

Image: Drive Spark

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