17 Year Old Chandigarh Boy Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train

Known to be the happiest city of India, Chandigarh now seems to be going the wrong way. Everyday, we hear news about suicide or murder. With the escalating crime rate in the city, this is the fourth suicide that took place in less than 20 day’s time.

Another teenager commits suicide by jumping in front of a train on Kharar – Chandigarh railway track. The victim has been identified as Anubachan Singh (17) resident of Manauli village near Chandigarh.

Why he committed Suicide?

According to the sources, the victim had allegedly committed suicide by throwing himself in front of the running train near the Kharar-Chandigarh railway track during night hours. The incident came into light in the morning when a passers-by informed the Kharar railway police about it.

However, the incident has been filed and the police investigations have been started for the alleged crime under the Section 174 of the CrPC, but the police believe it to be a suicide.

As published in The Tribune, the parents of the deceased mentioned that the was in depression for some unknown reasons. The deceased was undergoing training for AC /fridge repair after his matriculation while his parents runs a tailoring shop in Manauli.

Reason for suicides

In today’s fast paced life, we see that people have less time for each other hence spending greater time on the virtual platform of social media. As seen in most of the cases, the reason for suicides is depression, frustration and loneliness. These three human traits if noticed at the early stages can lead to less number of suicides.

Overcome suicidal thoughts

  • Keep yourself away from negative thoughts.
  • Keep good company that can make you happy and cheerful.
  • Take good sleep in the night
  • Indulge in some kind of sport, exercise or yoga
  • It’s important to communicate and communicate a lot. Share your views problems or anything that is disturbing you. Don’t forget parents are your best friends.

If anyone of you is in depression, stressed or in anxiety and have no one to discuss it with, do consider our helping hand. We will be happy to help you and find a solution together to make your life all the more beautiful.

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