This 17 Year Old Muslim Boy Plays Sita in Ramleela. That’s Chandigarh!

Well! we all know that Chandigarh is quite famous for its ethnicity. Festivals in the city are always celebrated with a feeling of togetherness irrespective of the religion, caste of creed. This story of a 17 year old boy playing Sita in a Ramrila in Chandigarh is a proof for the above statement. This Ram-leela is being acted at a stage in Manimajra and the same boy is playing the role of Sita from last two years.

Miraz Malik, 17 years of age and an engineering diploma student daily dresses up like a woman and plays the role of sita. He is not even aware about how to carry or tie a saree. Chandigarh, a city that has all kinds of philosophies nurturing at every nook and corner has a perfect example. Miraz was quoted saying that scenes of ‘sita haran’ and scenes of ‘ashok vatika’ are his favourite as per Hindustan Times and he even goes for his daily namaaz. This boy claims that apart from him there are two more muslim actors working in the same ram leela at the same place. This boy says he likes the idea when he has many dialogues to say thats why he likes the specified scenes as they contain many arguements with Ravana and Laxman.

This young lad claims that he is helped by the store owner of ram leela committee for getting help with the saree. He works at Azad Dramatics club and the owner of the same tells that this boy has already been given roles of sumitra and nal from Ramayana since he joined this group back in 2013. Seeing his acting skills and dedication, he has been given the role of Sita for which he has a daily makeover.

Truly, Chandigarh can hope to be setting new trends in some way or the other with examples like these to empower our society.

Apart from this, Chandigarh is a city that is the capital of both Punjab & Haryana and has a wide variety of cultural fests and festivals being celebrated. The best part is that everyone in the city respects the religious beliefs of people around them and this is one fact that has helped Chandigarh grow since its formation after India’s independence.

Image Credits: Sant Arora, Hindustan Times


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