2 Foot by S Mukhtiar and (Kuwar Virk) – Latest Punjabi Song 2017 | Official Video

Raise your hands if you thought 2017 was a rather dry year when it came to wedding dance songs. We were almost nearing the end without one but Kuwar Virk and S Mukhtiar’s latest Punjabi song ‘2 Foot’ has us rethink all that. The latest Punjabi song will make you thump at all Punjabi weddings this winter season.

2 Foot by S Mukhtiar rides on the shoulders of Kuwar Virk

In all honesty, we did have ‘Munda Pyaar Karda’ by Resham Anmol too this 2017 but latest Punjabi song ‘ 2 Foot’ by Kuwar Virk and S Mukhtiar was exactly what was needed to fuel the party. The song never tries to be something that it is not and relies on the charming voice of s Mukhtiar. The vocals are probably the best part of the latest Punjabi song ‘2 Foot’. Kuwar Virk helms the musician’s cap for this one and more than delivers.

His music adds to the wedding feel and the beats are all on point. S Mukhtiar’s involvement in the project goes beyond vocals as he has penned the lyrics himself too. “ 2 foot door Hoke Nach Kudiye” which is the hook for the latest Punjabi song 2017 is also our favourite part of the lyrics. S Mukhtiar’s voice has an uncanny resemblance to Labh Janjua’s voice or is it just us who think that? The song ‘2 Foot’ by Kuwar Virk and S Mukhtiar can be downloaded on most major streaming services like Apple Music, Saavn, Spotify, Google Play Music and Wynk.

2 Foot comes with an incredibly shot video by Dashmesh Movies

The latest Punjabi song ‘2 Foot’ by Kuwar Virk and S Mukhtiar which is already viral on Youtube has an equally incredible video courtesy Shanty Kanwer. The song is shot in a wedding set up and connects to the music really well. Both Kuwar Virk and S Mukhtiar feature in the music video of latest Punjabi song ‘2 Foot’ and are seen shaking a leg together to Bhangra. Watch the video of the song here:


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