2.4 Lakh Candidates Apply for Constable Post in Chandigarh Police

It seems like people love to work in Chandigarh and when the job is in Chandigarh Police, people go crazy. This can be seen by the fact that 2.4 lakh people applied for 520 posts of constable with Chandigarh Police. Seems like people are extremely eager to get into Chandigarh Police but it’s not that easy. Out of 2.4 lakh applicant, approximately 0.2% will get a chance to get into Chandigarh Police.

Why People want a job in Chandigarh Police:

The huge rush of applicants will make anyone think about what’s so special about Chandigarh Police. We assume that the following 3 reasons have got some

  • A Central Government recognised job– Chandigarh Police jobs are recognized by the central government that means job security, safety and good salary. Well, that is what every job seeker needs.
  • The Prestige of Chandigarh Police- Chandigarh police is known everywhere for its discipline. This image and prestige is surely a major reason for people getting attracted towards these jobs.
  • Reason To Be Called a Chandigarh’ian- Well, who doesn’t want to be called a Chandigarh resident. Chandigarh is always synonymous with the smart city, the happy city, city beautiful and the perfect city making a perfect reason explaining the number of applications.

Even Post Graduates and Ph.D‘s in the queue:

Tough the minimum eligibility needed for applying for this constable post is class XII but surprisingly, most of the applicants are post graduates and even Ph.D’s. The applications received by Chandigarh Authorities are from all over the country but mainly people from Delhi, U.P., Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Chandigarh have applied for this job.

About The Vacancies:

According to the sources, the recruitment for constable posts will start in January, 2017. There are 520 constable posts vacant in Chandigarh police which have been equally divided for men and women candidates. The share of men i.e. 260 includes males who were ex-serviceman too. Plus it is being ensured by Chandigarh Authorities that there is no cheating in the recruitment process. For this, Chandigarh authorities are coming up with latest techniques like biometric system and more.

These applications were invited online and the dates of recruitment are yet to be finalized. The standards for the tests (both physical & written) have been finalized already. Its going to be a bit of challenge for Chandigarh Police to recruit deserving candidates out of 2.4 lakhs of applicants but its a great news as to how eagerly people want to join Chandigarh Police.


Ajay Deep

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