All 2-Wheelers To Come With Day Time Running Lights From April

The government has been coming up with more and more safety measures on road. One of them is that all the bikes and scooters will come with daytime running lights from April 2017. This is a good move by the government as vehicle lights are one of the most common reasons for the most of the accidents these days.

Record For The Most Accidents

One of the biggest reason that government is coming up with daytime running lamps in bikes and scooters is that India has the record for most accidents and the worst road safety in the world. The numbers are really shocking!

As per the road accidents statistics, there were 5,01,423 road accidents in the year 2015. The total deaths in 2015 due to road accidents were 1,46,133, almost averaging 17 deaths every hour of the day. Out of all these shocking numbers, 28.8% were two-wheelers.

Automatic Headlamp On Feature In Two-Wheelers

This safety measure by the government would definitely prove out to be successful. From the above statistics, 28.8% were two-wheelers out of all the road accident deaths in the year 2015. The government has made it mandatory that all the two-wheelers would be coming with AHO (Automatic Headlamp On) feature. The Automatic Headlamp On feature is similar to the DRLs ( Daytime Running Lamps) fitted in cars.

The Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) Feature would operate automatically whenever the engine is switched on. This feature in two-wheelers will help in avoiding a dangerous situation and will also increase rider’s safety as the vehicle will be spotted earlier.

It is still not clear whether every segment of two-wheelers will have Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) or just a particular category. However, some foreign manufacturers like Harley-Davidson, KTM and Kawasaki do have Automatic Headlamps On (AHO) Feature in their mid-segment bikes because this feature was made mandatory in European Countries in 2013.

Noise Alarm Feature

Apart from Automatic Headlamps On (AHO), the government is working on a new feature which would alert nearby people or cops about the accident by creating a noise. The main motive of introducing this feature is that the current response time to help people is not quick.

However, the officials in India are still discussing this feature and we hope that such a thing is introduced as soon as possible so that the people who get injured are rushed to the hospital.

Source: Indiatimes


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