Chandigarh | 20 Year Old Boy Kills a Married Woman With His Car

Chandigarh police have arrested a youth for banging his car into a motorcycle. The incident happened at Sector 19-20 roundabout. The impact of the collision was so strong that it resulted in woman’s death. 

The woman was 32-year-old and a resident of Sector 30 Chandigarh. 

Revenge Turned Into Death

The husband of Rambha, the 32-year-old woman said that the driver of the car took a revenge. Ram Niwas Yadav, the husband of the woman said that it was a pre-planed attack as the car driver hit them from the rear at the Sector 19-20 roundabout. He said that the car driver believed that he and his wife were involved in the elopement of his sister with someone else. The couple eloped four months ago.

The driver of the car has been identified as Naveen Yadav, a 20-year-old boy and a resident of Sector 30 Chandigarh.The sector 19 Chandigarh police have arrested Naveen under the Section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. Naveen has been remanded in the judicial custody.

Ram Niwas Yadav said that Naveen was present at a marriage on Tuesday night at the community centre in Sector 18 Chandigarh where he and his wife Rambha were present.

Naveen Banged His Alto Into The Couple’s Motorcycle

When the couple was on their way back from the marriage, Naveen banged his Alto car into their motorcycle and ran away. Ram Nivas and his wife were left in a pool of blood on the road.

The passersby immediately informed the police about the accident and the police took the couple to PGI.

Woman declared brought dead at PGI.

Naveen lives next to Ram Niwas’s house in Sector 30 Chandigarh. Ram Niwas said that Naveen took a revenge from them because he believed that Ram Niwas and Rambha were involved in Naveen’s sister eloping with another man.

A complaint was filed by Naveen against Ram Niwas and Rambha at the Industrial Area Phase 1 Chandigarh police station.

A Look At The Other Revenge Incidents

There have been a lot of revenge incidents happened in the past. On 9th April, two young people were killed when an Innova car hit the motorcycles in Sector 34 Chandigarh. The deceased were identified as Pinku, a 25-year-old man and Mukesh, an 18-year-old boy. They both were residents of Burail and worked in a restaurant in Sector 36 Chandigarh. The injured people in the accident have been identified as Mukesh Verma, Vinod and Parmod.

Vinod and Parmod were on one bike and the other three people were on a different bike which was driven by Mukesh. The police said that all five of them had gone to a party after getting free from their work.

The Innova car driver has been identified as Raj Singh, a resident of Badmajra village in SAS Nagar. The police have arrested Raj Singh and said that he was under the effect of liquor when the incident happened.

Sources: The Times Of India

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