22 Year Old Man Stabbed Near Elante Mall in Chandigarh with Vegetable Knife | Dead

In another horrifying incident in the Chandigarh city, a 22 year old man was stabbed in the Industrial Area vicinity in Chandigarh. The identified Abhishek Shukla was stabbed by two unidentified men with what was reportedly a vegetable knife in his heart. The attackers saw people approaching and fled the crime scene. A few people saw the 22 year old struggling and came to help. They informed the police and also took the liberty to call his family from his cell phone. The Chandigarh police took the stabbed victim to the Government Hospital 32 sector where he succumbed to his injuries on Thursday 5:00 PM.

What Really Happened In Industrial Area, Chandigarh?

KV Shukla, the father of the stabbed victim Abhishek Shukla ruled out the possibility of a hate crime and told the media that his son was a very noble man and had no enemies. Although, he suspected that the stabber might be a guy named Guddu who was caught robbing their house a few months ago and was put into jail on Abhishek’s complaint. The Chandigarh police though ruled out this possibility because Guddu was still serving jail time.  Abhishek was the eldest of the four siblings and left behind three sisters. His father works in a courier company in sector 47, Chandigarh.

Abhishek was working as a salesman in one of the stores in Elante Mall, industrial area, Chandigarh. He was walking back home around 11:00 PM towards the poultry farm roundabout when two attackers intervened and stabbed him multiple times near his heart. What was earlier called a sharp weapon has been confirmed to be a vegetable knife which has been recovered by the Police from the crime spot. The attackers ran towards the colony number 4 when they saw people approaching towards them. The Chandigarh police found Abhishek’s phone and wallet intact and came to the conclusion that robbery, as suspected, was not the reason behind the stabbing.

This Chandigarh Area Has Seen Frequent Incidents:

Arvind Singh, Congress Colony President told the media that the area between the poultry farm chowk and the railway under bridge  in industrial area, Chandigarh where Abhishek was stabbed is very unsafe and poorly lit. There have been frequent incidents of robberies and stabbing in the area and security is still absent. He demanded the Chandigarh police patrol the area at night time to ensure the safety of the citizens.

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