A 23 Year Old Girl & 3 Others Caught for Supplying Drugs in Chandigarh

The drug problem in Chandigarh has been rapidly increasing day by day. Four drug peddlers have been arrested by the Mohali police. The Mohali police recovered 260 gm of heroin from four drug peddlers and the gang of these drug dealers also included two women.

The four drug peddlers have been identified as Moneka, Harkamal Kaur from Nayagaon, Taranjit Singh, a resident of Salamatpur village at Mullanpur and Parveen Kumar, a resident of Chandigarh.

How The Police Caught The Drug Peddlers

The police arrested Harkamal Kaur, a 21-year-old girl. Harkamal Kaur works in a five-star hotel in Chandigarh and lives on the PGI campus in Sector 12, Chandigarh.

Mohali’s SP (D) said that they arrested Harkamal Kaur with 10 gm of Heroin. He said that Harkamal was on her way to Mohali on her Activa to supply Heroin to her customers.

The police caught Harkamal at the Phase 6 light point. The police interrogated Harkamal and she confessed that she used to supply drugs to her customers. She said that she used to get the drug from Chandigarh and later sold that in Mohali.

150 gm of Heroin has also been recovered by the police from Moneka, a 23-year old girl, and Parveen Kumar. The police recovered 100 gm of Heroin from Taranjit Singh. Taranjit Singh was arrested by the police near Hoshiarpur village on the Chandigarh-Kurali road. Taranjit Singh works as a contractor and was on his way to Kurali for supplying Heroin to his clients.

Cases Registered Against The Drug Peddlers

The police have registered 3 cases against all the four drug peddlers at various police stations while the police have booked Harkamal Kaur under the NDPS Act at the Phase 1 police station.

The police have registered a case against Moneka and Praveen Kumar at the Nayagaon police station and Taranjit Singh’s case has been booked at the Mullanpur police station.

Bad Company Ruined Harkamal And Moneka

Harkamal Kaur and Moneka fell into drugs due to bad company. Harkamal Kaur stays on the PGI campus with her uncle and aunt and works at the front desk of a five-star hotel in the city. She started supplying drugs to earn easy and quick money. 

Harkamal Kaur’s friends were also drug addicts. Moneka is a class XII pass out and was unemployed. She also fell into drugs due to bad company.

Source: The Tribune

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