2500 Chandigarh Police Cops on Duty for PU Elections 2016

It is election time for Panjab University and all colleges in the city that are affiliated to PUbut on the other side it is a tough time for Chandigarh Police. As many as 2500 cops have been deployed for PU elections 2016 and their work is to make sure that the polls go on peacefully. Apart from the PU campus, police personals have been deployed in various other colleges including DAV College Sector 10, SD College Sector 32, Khalsa College Sector 26 and more.

PU Elections 2016 are scheduled to be held on 7th September and the police is working on a plan to make the PU campus and other colleges a fortress so that no outsiders are allowed and no unwanted incident happens.

Credits: The Tribune

Along with 2500 policemen, 7 DSPs and 25 Inspectors are on duty for the PU Elections. According to the plan, police force will be present at all strategic points in PU campus including student center and the areas where parties have pitched their tents. Apart from these, police personnel will be present outside all departments in PU campus. The same goes for all other colleges in Chandigarh which are under the PU election fever 2016.

According to a news published by The Tribune, Chandigarh Police’s Quick Reaction Team will also be present at PU to tackle any unwanted incident. According to reports the UIET campus of PU in Sector 25 has the maximum number of voters and hence more police personnel will be deployed at the venue.

On 7th September, no outside vehicle would be allowed in the PU campus and police would be present in the college campus till the elections are over. Gate number 2 and 3 of PU would have restricted entry on the D-day.


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