Mahindra Group to enter Indian cab aggregator market to compete Uber and Ola

Auto maker Mahindra Group plans to enter Indian cab aggregator market to compete Uber and Ola. With the announcement of the Mahindra Group entering the Indian cab aggregator market to compete against rivals like Uber and Ola, Mahindra has plans to run electric vehicles in the Indian cab aggregator market.

Mahindra to take on the existing arch rivals Ola and Uber

The Mahindra group has set the ball rolling to venture into a new service arena and the company has years of expertise to support its latest endeavour. The Mahindra group is majorly betting on the expected electric vehicles revolution which is expected in India in the coming years. It must be considered that with the increasing carbon content in the air more and more people are in the favour of using electric vehicles that emit less harmful gases and contribute majorly to reduce the carbon content in the air.

Why is Mahindra endeavouring into a new arena?

The company spokesperson believes that the ways of personal commuting may get changed gradually. With limited days of personal commuting especially in the metropolitan as well as non metro cities, Mahindra is banking upon the fact that electric vehicles are soon going to be a preferred choice for most of the residents in the cities. Mahindra group is betting upon the fact that electric vehicles would soon become a preferred choice for commuting for the consumers. Based on this fact it also believes that due to the inclination towards electric vehicles, these electric vehicles will become a preferred vehicle for ride aggregators. Mahindra is banking up on a recent report that concludes that the demand for diesel as well as petrol cars may soon start ‘tapering off’’.

Shared cab service may boost 

Mahindra is of the belief there will be a dip in the sale of private cars in the near future. It believes that the drop will be major in the ‘plain-vanilla sedan’ segments. Emerged as a ‘Threatened Specie’ this segment faces most of the hassles such as maintenance, insurance and parking. This factor would further boost the Indian cab aggregator market and people towards gradually get inclined towards using a shared cab service or ride-hailing service in the time to come.

Source: INC42


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