3 Best Female Only Coworking Spaces For Budding Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to join a coworking space but a little uncomfortable with the feeling of being in a male-dominated atmosphere? You may need to reconsider becoming a part of a women-only shared space or coworking space. The victorious increase of the coworking spaces can be equal up in one word and i.e Community. Female Co-working spaces welcome ladies from all positions of life and allow them to build an identity with other fellow female experts. Here in this article, we will find out some of the best coworking spaces for budding women Entrepreneurs.

Hera Hub Female Coworking Space

Hera Hub is a female only coworking space where women can create and collaborate in a professional, fruitful, spa-like atmosphere. The platform gives its members with links to other business experts, a path to institutional workshops, and clarity within the community. The company was established in San Diego, CA in 2011.

Since 2016 they’ve been growing through a collaborative licensing model, with locations growing up all over the U.S. and Europe. Members of Hera Hub Coworking space have opened new market opportunities, found business associates, and even funders for their business via the community. Hera Hub is located in Southern California, Washington, DC, and Phoenix. The international location of the coworking space is in Sweden. Hera Hub is also working on creating women coworking space in Atlanta, Temecula, and Irvine

Rise Female Coworking Space

RISE Collaborative Coworking space is both a workspace for women to manage the business and a curated community for women focused on growing professionally and personally. RISE is where you can grow professionally with like-minded women boosting your career growth and making links to support your success. RISE Collaborative Coworking space is a beautiful and inspiring place to concentrate on your business and meetings.

Wing Coworking Space

The Wing is also one of the best women-only coworking space. The Wing is located in 4 locations i.e in Flatiron, Soho, Dumbo, Georgetown, San Francisco. Siz more locations will soon be open in Chicago, W. Hollywood, Boston, London, Toronto, and Seattle. The Wing is a multi-purpose coworking space which is packed up with perks and facilities provided to your need.

The Wing coworking space for women includes access to an excellent workspace full of comfortable corners and conference rooms. The spaces in the Wing coworking space have been created with your requirements in mind, arranged with facilities including an in-house cafe, a beauty room, etc.


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