3 Chandigarh Men Attacked Outside Nightclub While Saving Women Friends

Here comes a shocking news of 3 Chandigarh men who were trying to save their women friends were thrashed by two other men outside a nightclub.This is the incident of Chandigarh and tricity that started with eve teasing and ended up with youth rage, 20 odd men bashing out 3 outside the nightclub.

Where did the incident happened in Chandigarh

The incident took place at Junkyard Lounge in Zirakpur, Chandigarh where three men along with two women, including a brother and sister had gone to attend the bithday party. While dancing at the disc, one out of the two accused men from the crowd started to tough women inappropriately. Om being objected by two women, the first accuse apologised and left from the spot. After a few minutes, he returned back with another man who is now the second accused in the case and again did the same thing with women. The accused not only tried to touch these two women in an inappropriate manner but also passed lewd comments to them when objected.

More details about the victims & the accused

Being fed up by the accused, the girls along with their (male) friends approached the bouncers, who threw the two men out of the disc. Later, when this group of five started leaving the disc at around 2 am, the two men, who are accused in the case, along with 20 odd men attacked them with weapons. The brother of one of the women was hit by an iron rod on his head and received 25 stitches. While, another boy of the group was attacked by knife and rceived 19 stitches. After attacking, the two accused fled the spot while the victims were rushed to the hospital of Chandigarh. 

The victims have approached Chandigarh police and have registered an FIR, under the sections 147, 148, 149,294, 323 and 354 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) . The two accused who misbehaved with women in the disc, who were thrown out of the disc and who attacked victims, are identified as Rohit Rathi and Varun. The Victims also felt that the bouncers from other discotheques were amongst the 20 unidentifeid men who later attacked them.  

However, the accused are yet to be nabbed by the police of Chadigarh in groping two women and attacking 3 men with weapons.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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