3 train coaches derail at Chandigarh Railway Station

A major train accident was averted at the Chandigarh Railway Station when 14 coaches standing at the shunting yard moved on their own and derailed after covering one and half kilometre. 2 out of the 3 coaches which derailed  belonged to Chandigarh – New Delhi Shatabdi and 1 belonged to Chandigarh – Amritsar Intercity Express. These coaches started moving without an engine as no brakes were applied on the wheels of these coaches.

The loss:

All the 14 runaway coaches were empty at the time of the incident, so no one hurt. The coaches which derailed have been damaged and Northern Railways have cited the loss at around 3.5 crores. A senior official of Railways said that the coaches which have been damaged were the extra coaches and the occupancy of Chandigarh – New Delhi Shatabdi as well as Chandigarh – Amritsar Intercity will not be affected.

Major train accident averted

The moving of coaches without an engine and the derailment of the coaches just near the Chandigarh railway station could have resulted in a major train accident. Fortunately, no train was coming at that time on the Chandigarh – Ambala railway line. Had the coaches derailed towards the main line and there would have been a train coming to Chandigarh, something devastation would have happened. The coaches did not derail on the main line. No rail or road traffic was hit due to this incident.

3 officials and 2 point men suspended

Railway Divisional Manager at Ambala has already suspended 3 officials and 2 point men due to their negligence. If they would have been cautious and had taken all the measures when coaches were stationed in the shunting yard, this incident would not have happened. It is mandatory to put the wooden wedges and jam the wheels by using the chain locks. This incident can also be a result of some foul play where someone might have removed the wooden wedges. The coaches stationed at the shunting yard are assessable to anyone as there is no security.

Whatever be the reason of this mishap, a high probe has been ordered into the incident and a decision to put security at the shunting yard has been taken.

Image Credits: Sant Arora (HT Chandigarh)


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