3 Travel Advisory Guidelines You Must Continue Following

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has altered lives in many ways over the last few weeks. With no antidote for the virus being discovered so far, you must continue taking precautionary measures to keep your loved ones and yourself safe. Now that the government has relaxed some regulations, you can venture out of the house for business activities and certain other things while strictly adhering to strict guidelines. In such a scenario, you must follow the travel advisory to practice caution. One of the essential things would be to choose the right means of transport to ensure safety. 

Here are the three most crucial travel advisory guidelines you must continue following for safety:

  • Follow Social Distancing

Firstly, you must only travel when it is essential. With risk still prevailing, you must avoid all unnecessary trips for avoiding exposure to the virus. However, when you do have to travel, you must remember to maintain and follow social distancing norms. Along with wearing a mask and carrying a hand sanitizer at all times, keep a distance from the crowds to avoid transmission. During travel too, you may book a car on rent in Chandigarh without driver to travel without coming in contact with anyone.  If it is a business trip or a long journey, you may book a luxury car rental in Chandigarh to travel safely and comfortably.

  • Avoid Public Mode of Transportation

As the lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, you may be required to commute to the office, may want to travel back home or have other small trips to make. So, instead of choosing a means of public transport, it would be advisable to use a personal mobility option. It is because a personal means of transport will help you practice social distancing properly. Even if you need to go outside to buy your monthly supplies of food and essentials, choose a safer mode. If you don’t have a personal car, you can easily try the option of getting a car on lease in Chandigarh. If you prefer a bigger car to load your supplies, you can get an Innova on rent in Chandigarh.

If you are stuck in another city and require travelling back to your hometown, you can travel by renting a self-drive car. Even though public transportation is cost-efficient, the risk is higher as compared to hiring a car. Even if you use a cab, the chances of transmission are higher as the driver might have come in contact with many passengers before you. Hence, to ensure that you are protected against all risks, you must avoid public transport.

  • Follow other Precautions  

With new government guidelines, you are allowed to travel for weddings and funerals too where the chances are that you might come in contact with many people after long. Earlier, you may be planning on carpooling with your relatives and friends for such trips. However, now giving priority to safety, this may not be a safe thing to do. Even on reaching your destination, you must keep sanitizing yourself. 

Also, in case you need to take a long-distance trip, you can book luxury car rental in Chandigarh for reaching your destination in a safe and sanitized car. Self drive luxury car rental Chandigarh service as provided by companies like Zoomcar, provide you sanitized cars that are delivered to your doorstep. You can either hire their car on rent or take their subscription service for continued access to a safe private vehicle. It will allow you to stock up the vehicle with masks, sanitizers, along with enabling you to follow other precautions well while on the trip.

Follow the Travel Guidelines for Your Safety

To stay safe against the risk of transmission, you must continue following the travel guidelines. Therefore, for your safety and protection against the risk of the virus, you can travel by availing car rental services. Reliable cab rental companies like Zoomcar, provide you with self-drive cars, which ensure your protection. The cars are appropriately sanitized after every use. Choosing this option will ensure that you do not have to worry about travelling anywhere during such challenging times.


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