30 Shelter Dogs Attacked With Acid & Sticks in Mohali

At Mohali Nandiali village near Airport Road almost 30 dogs were attacked by some men with sticks, machete and acid.

The dogs were inside their shelter when they were attacked brutally. The Police is not taking any kind of responsibility on the incident.

The Insane Act Of Brutality

The incident happened at a shelter home that is run by a woman named Resham Dhaliwal on rent in Mohali. The shelter has been certified by the Protection and Care for Animals(PACFA).

The woman has claimed that the dogs in her shelter were badly beaten up by the house owner’s servant Dharminder, along with three other men. All the four men were heavily drunk and came after a fortnight when the woman had a fight with house owners over the issue of vacating the rented space.

Woman has informed that many of her dogs are missing and 11 of them have been ill-treated in the most inhuman way.

Many pups and young dogs have also sustained bad injuries and cuts and 1 dog has been killed in the incident.

The woman owning the shelter was also attacked by the four men.

Police’s Negligence

The woman has lodged the complaint regarding the incident at the Sohana, Mohali Police Station but the police is not taking her case into serious consideration.

The police is saying that they have not yet found anything substantial upon investigation and there are is no strong proof to be seen about dogs mistreatment.

Resham came to the Police Station right after she had a fight with her landlord, thus police is into the belief that the incident must have been the result of the dispute.

Resham Dhaliwal, the victim keeps stray dogs as well as owned dogs in her shelter.

It is very heartbreaking to know about such incidents. Ill-treating an innocent animal by humans to vent off rage is like taking the insanity to new extremes.

Source – HT


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