Chandigarh People to Get a Parking App | Book Parking Space, Pay, Know Status & More

Parking in Chandigarh is going to cost double from 1st November 2017.  This information came out on the launch of an application that will help the the Chandigarh residents to know the parking availability in the real time. The app has been designed to ease the residents’ parking issues. This app is going to change the entire parking system of Chandigarh. This application will be available for downloading from 25th October 2017.

The Features of This App to Ease the Parking in Chandigarh

According to the news, all the 26 parking lots in Chandigarh are going to be transformed to smarter ones by 1st November 2017. As announced, Chandigarh can soon observe installation of 430 CCTVs and Boom Barriers. The company has also announced the launch of the app by 25th October 2017 that will allow the residents to check for the parking status, book for the parking slots and even pay for the parking.

Through this application there are a lot of changes coming up in parking environment of Chandigarh. Not only the residents will be able book the parking slots but can also prepare the smart rechargeable cards for entering the slots at e-samprak centres. To secure the effective use of this new smart application designed for smoothing the parking system of Chandigarh the contractor has the provision of fine.

Exciting Features of the Upcoming Parking App

The features for the new parking app includes Online Parking status [Real-time Status], Parking Slot Bookings and Paying online for parking. Also, one can prepare the online rechargeable cards. This new application will change the parking system of Chandigarh entirely and for good.

The New Parking Rates for Chandigarh

The new parking rates for the Chandigarh parking slots has been announced. The parking charges for the cars is set at Rs. 10  per entry and time slot of 4 hours and every two hours thereafter will cost additional Rs. 10. The parking charges for the two-wheelers  has also been changed to Rs. 5 per entry for duration of 4 hours and additional Rs. 5 for every two hours thereafter.

This new app will be available for downloading by 25th October 2017 for Chandigarh residents.

Source – Hindustan Times 


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