Panchkula Cylinder Blast Claims Seven Lives | Here’s how They Could Have Been Saved

The cylinder blast in Panchkula has claimed seven lives. According to the report, seven people from Panchkula lost their lives following the cylinder blast that happened in Panchkula last week. The injured were rushed to GMCH, Sector-32 and to Panchkula government hospital out of which three died last week and the remaining four succumbed to their injuries this week. The cylinder blast in Panchkula claimed a total of seven lives.

Panchkula cylinder blast claims seven lives

As per the report, eight people were hospitalised last week following the cylinder blast in Panchkula. Seven deaths due to the cylinder blast in Panchkula left a pall of gloom in the neighbourhood. One of the families lost both their sons within one week. The two brothers have been identified as Anmol Garg and Pranshu Garg who both succumbed to their injuries. It has been reported that while Anmol died at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH)  Sector 32, Pranshu passed away at the Fortis Hospital in Mohali.

Here’s how the cylinder blast could have been averted

There were chances that the cylinder blast in Panchkula that claimed seven lives could have been averted had the passer-byes and on-lookers followed few remedial measures. We all must have read and almost everyone knows the fact that even the minutest spark or any sort of flame can ignite gas fumes causing an explosion. The blast can never occur by just the opening of the door. It is being alleged that someone tried to turn the light on that triggered a spark which further resulted in the blast that claimed seven lives.

Those who were present outside the house could have waited for the fire department to handle the situation professionally.

Recent similar explosion incident in the Tricity

Prior to the cylinder blast accident in Panchkula that claimed seven lives in Panchkula, a similar gas balloon blast accident had happened in Chandigarh. The gas balloon blast was so intense that it left 15 people injured who were immediately rushed to the hospital. It was reported that the gas balloon blast in Chandigarh took place at a private function in Sector- 34 Chandigarh where students, their parents, faculty members and other people had gathered to celebrate annual function of a private teaching academy.

What to do in case of a gas leak?

In case of a gas leak is suspected first of all the LPG regulator must be removed and the valve should be covered with the safety cap. There should be no flames near the area. One must make sure no one lights a matchbox or any such thing. One must not Switch on or Switch off any electrical switches or instruments that work on electricity as electricity passes current and current creates a spark which can easily result in a blast.

One must immediately open the windows and doors of the house or affected area to let the LPG gas eliminate from the house. Fire department must be immediately informed to take the situation under control.

Source: Hindustan Times

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