All Liquor Bottles That will be Sold in Chandigarh to Have 3D Holograms

UT Administration is all set to stop the illegal selling of liquor in the city beautiful Chandigarh. In order to make it safe for the people of the city, UT Administration has now decided to put up 3D holograms on the liquor bottles for their authenticity. The department of Excise and Taxation in Chandigarh will be pasting a 3D hologram on every liquor bottle being stored or sold by any licensed liquor shop in the city.

Highlights of the decision

It has been a long time that the city beautiful is fighting with the illegal sale of liquor. Taking it as a serious issue and trying to uproot it from the source, UT Administration has come up with a solution that will surely stop this crime in Chandigarh. Here are few highlights of how the process would be done.

  • A company will be providing the design of the hologram.
  • The cost of one hologram will be 8 paise.
  • A tracking system will be embedded in the hologram.
  • It will be easy to track the movement of the liquor stock.

Excise and Taxation Commissioner of Chandigarh, Ajit Balaji himself looked upon to the whole process of 3D holograms to ensure the appropriate work. He also said that after a long time these holograms have been introduced in Chandigarh.

Why such decision?

The demand of liquor is always high in Chandigarh and cost of liquor in the city is also less as compared to the other cities of Punjab and Haryana. The high demand of liquor has also increased the illegal selling of liquor in the city. To track the same and decrease the rate of illegal liquor selling in Chandigarh, UT Administration has taken the decision of 3D holograms. So that they can easily trace the seller of illegal liquor in the city.


Gurjit Kaur

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