4 Best Indian Vineyards Worth Traveling

Wines are made purely from several grape varietals. It is also added with some selected ingredients that help in exuding the real flavor of each label. There are different kinds of wine labels you can see in every fine wine merchant. Each of the labels undergoes an intricate fermentation and aging process to deliver the best taste to anyone’s palate. 

It is also true that each wine label is crafted from a prominent winemaking region. You may have known some of the world’s best vineyards. Bordeaux, Napa, Tuscany, and Rhone are some of the legendary vineyards that started making signature wines. They are also the basis of other winemakers in the world to produce elegant wine bottles.

India is also one of the best countries you can find in the world that produces a large number of wines. Many people might have known Asian countries to produce wines like Thailand and Vietnam, but only of us knew that Indian vineyards are also crafting prominent wine labels. Take note that they are one of the largest Asian countries which can produce massive volumes of red wines. 

Touring and visiting the Indian winery is something you would like to consider spending. You will not regret traveling to India’s best vineyards as you will experience a breathtaking purple and green painted vineyard landscape. Here are some of the most beautiful Indian vineyards can visit today and these places will ensure you an ultimate food and wine tasting experience like no other. 

Sula Vineyards 

The Sula Vineyards is the most popular winemaking region in India since it was established. It is located in Nashik, India, capturing almost around 70% of the Indian market. Many Indian families and other tourists would like to sit down in their couch sipping a glass of red wine made from Sula. It is the only vineyard that produces a prominent wine label that comes at the most reasonable price.

The vineyard also has a SulaFest that takes place every February. The SulaFest deems the most sought after event in the Indian territory that features massive food and wine tasting event. Every year, this vineyard shows off a unique wine label to showcase to the public during the festival, which can surely appeal to one’s palate. They are also one of the most significant wine producers in India, which include sokolin Rose wines.

The Sula vineyards also feature a variety of activities you can do if you decide to tour. You can take wine and food tasting activities. You can also experience and observe how each wine made in the said vineyards. You can also take a tour and witness how jaw-dropping the vineyard looks like.

Fratelli Wines 

Fratelli comes from an Italian word, which means “brother.” Fratelli wines started to operate in 2007, and since then they have gained so much respect in the Indian winemaking industry. They started producing red wine labels, which created a huge demand in the Indian market. Many tourists and wine tasters would love to go to this vineyard to only taste their exquisite wine label. 

You should get a chance to visit this vineyard to taste their ravishing red wine labels that feel like no other. They also offer some vineyard tours where you can see the beautiful and picture-perfect vineyard plantation. You may also take part in their food and wine tasting activities, so you can fully understand the culture of the winemaking process. 

Grover Vineyards 

Grover Vineyards is one of the oldest Indian wineries. It is the only vineyard located in Nandi Hills, India that creates the world’s most notable wine label. They are famous when it comes to the production of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz red which all undergo an extended age of maturity in oak barrels.

It is also an award-winning vineyard in India which you should not miss when visiting. The leafy plantation arranged in a perfect picturesque landscape will leave you in awe. Many residents in Bengaluru, India considers the Grover vineyard as their weekend getaway because of the perfect ambiance. You can also take part in wine tasting where you will have a chance of tasting their best wine labels like Chenin Blanc, Brut, Shiraz, and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Charosa Vineyards 

The Charosa  Vineyards is the latest winery region you can travel in India. It is situated in Charosa that features a wine label through the name itself. The Charosa label has made its debut in the India market and earned so much respect from most of the wine lovers. It is made from a Spain inspired grape varietal, which is Tempranillo. 

They also made several notable wine labels and drew inspiration from several legendary winemaking regions in the world. Charosa vineyards have produced elite wine labels like Voigners and Sauvignon Blanc that earned so much respect in the Indian market.


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