4 Christmas Games That Will Keep Your Energy Alive

What is Christmas time without an Xmas party?

And what’s an Xmas party without a couple of good party games?

It’s not always the kids who play these games. Adults can also let their hair down at times and have fun winning contests. If you’re organising a party at your office or home, then getting your friends to break the ice and socialise among themselves is a great task.

You will find quite a few fun and sober games that can certainly be appreciated by your friends.

Here are some ideas regarding Christmas games. Read ahead to find out exactly what they are!

Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz

Now magnify the big time with this Christmas movie trivia quiz.

Most of the entertainment channels air the Christmas movies and no doubt most of these series and movies have become legendary. So, everyone knows about them.

Make a quiz list for every person and ask quizzes one by one about these legendary movies. If they are the movie buffs, then they take no time to answer the quizzes.

Award a Christmas gift to the winner who answered all trivia quizzes correctly.

Language Test

We all wish a Merry Christmas to our friends and families, and these English words can be converted into other languages.

Make a list of a “Merry Christmas” words in other languages and ask the participants to guess the language,who guesses correctly will win the Christmas gift.

This game sets things in motion and allows you to have a healthy language exercise which certainly improves one’s knowledge about different languages and styles of wishing Merry Christmas.

Talent Hunt

Now you can have the best version of America’s Got Talent in your house.

This is one of the best Christmas parties at home. Ask all your friends to sing in a karaoke machine and show the magic of their vocals. Undoubtedly this mike is very addictive,and it makes you pretend to be a rockstar singing on the karaoke. And this kind of fever will not let you sit back on your couch until you finish your song.

Talent hunt is not limited to the vocal contests only; it also has some dancing competition.

Salsa, ballet, rumba or rap whatever the type is, the participants will really feel the touch of the dancing floor with their all moves. Enjoy the dance party night with some music and award the winners with interesting titles such as a dancing king or queen or karaoke king or queen.

Rudolf, Rudolf!

An enjoyable activity where your friends and relatives will be splitinto a group of 2 or more. Each and every group is given a sack of balloons (ten to twelve balloons) and a net stocking.

This will really be a fun game.

Each team should have its own stocking. Take out the balloons from the sack and blow them up one by one. After blowing the balloons, the participant puts all balloons in a net stocking.

Ones it gets filled up, one member wears it on the head, and he perfectly resembles the reindeer antler or Rudolf. The one who fills the stocking first is the winner of the Christmas gift.


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