4 Great Reasons To Get Exterior Wall Painting Done

From giving it a fresh, new look by using home exterior paint combinations, to protecting it from natural elements, painting your home’s exterior has several benefits. 

When it comes to painting your house, typically, the inside of the house tends to get due attention. Painting your home’s exterior, on the other hand, is almost always seen as an unnecessary added cost. The benefits of painting your home’s exterior, however, far exceed the costs.  From improving aesthetics to offering functional benefits, there is a wide range of advantages that you can draw by giving your home’s exterior walls the much-needed dash of paint. Let us look at 4 reasons that will convince you about making this important decision.

#1 Aesthetics

Well begun, they say, is half done! But, when it comes to giving your house that welcoming appeal, there is a lot that a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls can do. This is especially true since the house’s exterior wall coatings are subject to harsh environmental conditions that impact the paint. Combined effect of heat and moisture causes cracking, flaking, and peeling, leaving the house looking dilapidated.

A fresh coat of paint can speak volumes of your aesthetic sense and prepare the visitor for the cheery appeal of your home. You can rest assured that each time any visitor pulls in the driveway, they will sense the warm vibes of your home.

Pro-Tip: Remember to choose a colour that complements your home’s overall colour scheme while also standing out, given the neighbourhood environment. Ideally, you wouldn’t want your house’s colour to either clash or be too close in tone with that of the neighbouring houses. For instance, Berger Paints Exterior Colour Combinations have a lot on offer for someone with a keen aesthetic sense.

#2 Increase Property Value

If you are looking at selling your home or giving it on rent, a seemingly simple coat of paint can go a long way in increasing its value. The buyer generally makes an important first impression as soon as he sets an eye on the home’s exterior. There are no marks for guessing that peeling wall paint isn’t going to do much for you, while a classily done exterior is likely to shift the balance in your favour. At the end of the day, the ROI you would achieve by painting those external walls would be more than the painting estimate!

#3 Offers Protection

A fresh paint job does more than just make your house look good. It also acts as a protective layer keeping your home safe from damage caused by weather conditions, dust, and more. You need to think of paint as a protective shield that can have multiple benefits – from preventing moisture from seeping into your home to stopping fungus, algae, mold etc from infesting your home exterior. 

#4 Saves you money 

Now, this might sound improbable since painting your house comes at a cost. The fact, however, remains that when you get your house painted by professionals, what they also do is to fix any concerns such as moisture in the walls,

which, if not addressed timely, can lead to disproportionate costs at a later date. If you avail the service with Berger Exterior Paints, you get experts equipped with a moisture meter who can estimate the moisture level in the walls and can also suggest relevant products. 

The experts also inspect the walls closely for issues such as mold, mildew, and more that need timely intervention. Once these issues are suitably addressed, a new coat of paint will ensure that your walls keep looking as good as new for the longest time. 

By using high-quality exterior paint suited to the kind of environmental factors that the exterior walls are subject to and ensuring that the right quality of work is done in the painting process, you can significantly increase the amount of time required between exterior paint jobs.


About time you stopped considering a fresh coat of house paint like a small or superficial addition and reap the many benefits that come from the exterior home painting. However, painting the house’s exterior is more than just making a choice of color and covering the walls with it. Consistency and longevity are also a function of choosing experts who can do the job correctly! To enjoy a hassle-free painting experience, you can hire the professional services of Berger Express Painting. Skilled painters from this service will finish painting your walls at a faster pace and without compromising on quality. And if you live in Cypress Texas, hire Houston Texas Painters that provide excellent workmanship and give more than satisfactory results for your exterior wall painting.


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