Nestle Launches 4 New Flavors of Maggi Based on Amritsar, Chennai, Mumbai & Bengal

Maggi is getting more tastier for you, as Nestle India has launched four new flavours of Maggi. Yes, Nestle has added four new flavours in our favourite Maggi range. Hostel time food has now turned to local food as the manufacturer of Maggi has added a taste of local spices in it. From North to South and East to West, Nestle has introduced all the main flavours from across India.

2 minutes noodles ‘Maggi’ will now give you the feeling of home with its taste. Maggi has no age bar, be it a small kid or 50s people everyone consumes Maggi. And for hostelers, it’s like ‘Maggi khao, bhukh bhagao.’

4 new and different flavours of Maggi

Nestle has induced regional herbs and spices to give a local taste in Maggi flavours. Maggi noodles already give many options to eat like Atta Maggi, Hotheads Maggi and many more. But the new range of flavours has been launched with a concept to provide a regional taste to Maggi noodles. The flavours of Amritsar, Bengal, Mumbai and Chennai will be offered to the Maggi lover.

  • Amritsari Achari masala noodles.
  • Bengali Jhaal masala noodles.
  • Mumbaiya Chatak masala noodles.
  • Super Chennai masala noodles.

Amritsari achari flavour of Maggi noodles involves the taste of tangy- pickled twist, whereas the Bengali jhaal include panch-foran (blend of 5 spices). Mumbai flavours of Maggi will give a taste of masalas like cinnamon, clove and kasuri meethi. And the Chennai flavour of new Maggi noodle will have red chillies, curry leaves, traditional sambhar masala.

Price for the new flavours of Maggi

The new range of Maggi flavours will be sold on online marketplace Paytm Mall before selling them in retail outlets. All the 4 flavours- Amritsari Achari, Bengali jhaal, Mumbaiya Chatak and Super Chennai will be available at Paytm Mall in the initial stage. As far as the price is concerned, the 4 new flavours of Maggi noodles will come in 3 units each of the 4 flavours, which will cost Rs. 240. Even the Nestle company has tied up with Google search engine for the promotion of the new Maggi flavours.

Hurry up and log in to Paytm Mall to taste on the new regional flavours of Nestle Maggi Noodles.

Source: India Today

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