480+ People Fall ill in Sector 18 Due to Contaminated Water

The most beautiful and one of the most cleanest cities of India, Chandigarh is currently facing huge problem due to water contamination. Over 480 people residing in Sector 18 have fallen ill by drinking contaminated water which came in the taps of their houses. From last few days, people of Sector 18 have been consuming the contaminated water due to which many people have fallen ill. As per Tribune reports, the total number of patients who have been affected and have fallen ill due to consuming contaminated water has reached to 480.

Doctors have identified the disease as diarrhoea, that have affected the people by the consumption of contaminated water. And still the number is increasing by the passing days. Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has resolved the problem of contaminated water and has asked for the proper inquiry upon the case.

Why it happened?

Looking into the huge number of cases of diarrhea from Sector 18 from last few days, MC decided to collect samples of water to check content of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas and chlorine in the water. The MC has resulted that the content of chlorination was ok in the water and has also ruled out the possibility of sewer water being mixed in the drinking water.

The fault was detected at the end of the water supply line behind the Shiv Misthan Bhandar at Sector 18 C. As a leakage in the pipeline some foreign particles entered the line and got mixed with the drinking water, resulting in the illness of so many people. As of now, the issue has been fixed by the MC, but still the eye has been kept over the same pipeline to avoid further mishappening.

The Precautions:

After the huge number of diarrhea cases in Sector 18, the health department has advised some precautions to be taken by the people of Chandigarh to stay fit and fine.

  • Drink water after boiling it.
  • Wash hands before eating.
  • Avoid self- medication.
  • Eat clean and hygienic food.
  • Drink ORS in case of infection.

It’s a request to all the Chandigarhians to please follow the precautionary instruction given by the health department to avoid falling ill. Your health is the most important thing than anything else in the world. Stay fit, stay health and keep smiling.

Image Credits: The Tribune.


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