5 Best Laptops For Graphic Designers In 2021

For graphic designing, a graphic designer requires a laptop that has both good hardware and software to get the job done perfectly. Currently, the market is filled with plenty of laptops that can be used by graphic designers. However, a few parameters that a graphic designer should look forward to when buying a laptop for their job includes performance, screen size, battery life and of course, the price. Further, one needs to look for other factors including the operating system, processor power, RAM memory, disk storage and display. There needs to be a balance in these components to get the best laptop on a budget. Here is a list of the five best laptops of 2021, that a graphic designer should consider buying. 

1. MacBook Pro 16”

This is the most popular laptop amongst graphic designers. The large screen of the laptop provides you with greater space to include details in the design. Even intricate details of a Mehndi Design can be done with precision in MacBook Pro 16”. In addition to graphic designers, it is also popular amongst photographers, scientists, filmmakers and music producers. The laptop is powered by a long-lasting battery and comes with considerable storage. The laptop can easily run Adobe CC apps for creating its designs. The laptop is run by a Core i9 processor which makes it possible to work in a smooth manner. The con of the laptop is its price. 

2. HP Envy X360

If you are looking for a solid laptop under a budget, then HP Envy X360 is a good choice. This laptop is budget-friendly and also comes with good software and hardware. It is a 2-in-1 laptop, which when needed can also be used as a tablet too. The laptop flaunts a 15” touchscreen that supports a wide colour spectrum which is especially helpful when it comes to drawing. It can be used for creating beautiful illustrations, posters and other designs including designs for motivation, inspiration, Sad Status and logos. Smooth multitasking is possible in the laptop, thanks to AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series. 

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

This beautiful sleek laptop is budget-friendly too and is a nice production by Microsoft. The look of the laptop resembles that of a MacBook. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 also presents a wide variety of options like the CPU variants available include Intel Core i5-i7, AMD Ryzen 5 and AMD Ryzen 7 and similarly, the different storage available in the laptop are 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB SSD. The laptop sports a fast-charging feature which makes it possible to charge the laptop up to 80% in less than an hour. However, the battery life is not that great. 

4. Gigabyte Aero 17 

It is one of the best options available for graphic designers who have to deal with 3D designs. It is a powerful laptop and has proven to be a dream laptop for many graphic designers. The refresh rate of the laptop is high which makes it also suitable for gaming. The battery backup of Gigabyte Aero 17 is 10.5 hours which is very handy for any graphic designer. Further, the 17.3 inches of the screen makes it possible for the graphic designer to work in detail of any design without straining their eyes. The laptop is powered by 10th Generation Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz 8 Core. The limitation of the laptop is that when it is used for heavy work, it turns hot. 

5. MacBook Air (2020)

Previous models of MacBook Air were not that great, however, MacBook Air 2020 is a powerful laptop that is well within budget for many people. For instance, the previous versions could not work very well with Adobe CC but that is not the case with the 2020 version of the laptop. The MacBook Air is powered with an Apple M1 chip, the same that is present in MacBook Pro 13”. The USP of the laptop is its fanless design that ensures that one can work in complete silence without even bothering about overheating. What makes it suitable for a graphic designer is its rich colour palette. MacBook Air 2020 is suitable for simple graphic designing work and not heavy works like 3D rendering. 


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