5 Best Online Casino Games That Pay Real Money

Casino games can be fun and some of them can even let you win big. Keeping in mind that casino enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for winning real money, Lottoland has come up with many international lottery offerings online. They are the pioneers when it comes to offering online lotteries and games. Depending on your skill sets at playing casino games and also the amount of time you would like to spend at them, there are multiple options that can be chosen from. But, do they really end up winning you real money?

Here are 5 best online casino games that can pay real money!

Turn Your Fortune

This game slot was released this year and it has already caught the eyes of many casino game players across the globe. It is designed and developed by a Malta-based, Swedish-owned company and has become a big hit among many. The key features of this game include 5 reels, 4 rows and about 40 fixed paylines.

It is also considered one of the few games to have top quality graphics, amazing animation and most importantly some bonus features that happen to pay really well. You get a free respin if you win and the best part is that the winning symbols increase the multiplier meter. Every time it fills up, you get a chance to move to another fortune win level. A game with one of the biggest multipliers, this is definitely slated to pay big.

European Roulette

Roulette is all about money and it is also one of the easiest to learn and earn. With very simple rules, you just have to read up a bit on the strategy part before plunging into this one. European roulette is especially preferred if you are a newcomer. For advanced levels, American roulette is suggested.

Casino Hold’Em

One of the few poker games that are considered a piece of cake is Casino Hold’em. It is exciting, easy and fast at the same time. The best part, however, is that it gives you amazing odds to win cash as compared to most of the slot machines. It’s almost like casino poker and hence you can’t bluff out a band hand. In this one, you get to play against the dealer and not with other players as such. Also remember that the dealer always plays the hand till the very end of the game, unless of course if their hand doesn’t stand to qualify. You may try it out at royal1688.

If you want to stand a chance to win big with this one, know that there are in all 3 kinds of bets, the Call bet, side bet called AA and lastly the mandatory Ante bet. Ante bet is all about indicating that you want to play. If you think you have a good hand, which can win, then you use the Call bet and AA bet in case you feel pair of aces is what you are carrying in your cards.

Devil’s Delight

This game is considered one of the top payers in comparison to the other variants. It carries many special features and allows for a trigger and re-trigger up to 15 of free spins as well as 3 times multiplier. That’s huge when you look at the other available options and their offerings.

Wild-o-Tron 3000

If you are all about robots, then this one is definitely for you. Wild-o-Tron not only pays big time but also happens to be a favourite because of the robots. Five reels of the slot spins robots and also their parts. These can align in 20 paylines that help you win money. Differing both in terms of modernity and functionality, the robots are easily distinguished using colour. The most paying symbol is considered white and it also happens to be wild. It practically substitutes for all of the other remaining symbols. This game has one unique round and it is a random feature. This one can be triggered before any spin.

Black-Jack and Northern Sky are some of the other high earning variants that you can try out. If you are looking to win big, go for one of these and try your hand, not to mention, read up and strategize before going for it.


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