5 Famous & Beautiful Chowks of Panchkula You Should Know

Panchkula too has chowks. Every city has famous chowks and interesting street names. Panchkula, the urban developed district of Haryana also has some of the famous chowks that have an interesting name and beautiful landscapes attached to it that make them all the more special and out of the box.

Read on about the 5 famous chowks of Panchkula.

Dolphin Chowk

Dolphin Chowk is one of the beautiful chowks of Panchkula that looks stunning during night. Situated on the intersection of Chandigarh’s IT park and Panchkula’s MDC sector 4 has a fountain with colourful lights changing in every few seconds. Many residents of nearby places come to this chowk for their evening walks or if they wish to have ice creams from the Vita booth or from an ice cream vendor standing near the roundabout.

Indian Express Chowk

This chowk of Panchkula derived its name from the office of an English daily The Indian Express located next to it. This chowk has many beautiful flowering plants and is well maintained by the HUDA. It also has a fountain with colorful lights changing in every few seconds. During the night it looks soothing to the eyes while in the day time in winters, employees of the nearby government offices assemble here to relax, play cards or bask in the sun during their lunch hours.

Bella Vista Chowk

Located on the intersection of sector 2 and 5 is Bella Vista Chowk. This chowk of Panchkula got its name rechristened by the five-star Hotel Bella Vista standing tall in front of it. Next to the chowk is the fighter tanker of the military is placed which is the main attraction of this chowk. Many passersby take a halt to click their pictures with the tanker there.

Labour Chowk

Like any other labour chowks across India, this chowk of Panchkula is also an adda to get labourer on daily wage basis. On the intersection of sector 16 and 17, is the labour chowk and you can very well make out by seeing the crowd during morning hours when dozens and dozens of labourers are standing and waiting with their tiffin dabbas in hand for any mason or any builder to come and give them the job for the day.

Chandimandir Tank Chowk

Chandimandir Tank chowk is one of the famous chowks of Panchkula. Situated on the state highway of sector 6 and on the entrance of the Chandimandir Cantonment area draws the attention of every passerby with the tankers of the Pakistan origin that the Indian Army had won over on the battlefield. The chowk is well maintained by the army as its the Western Command headquarters of the Indian Army too.

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