5 Job Profiles for Graduates Pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication

The academic field of mass communication and journalism teaches students various methods to convey information to the general public. Graduates of this program are provided with practical training on accumulating bulk information required to create general awareness among the common mass. Here is a list of 5 suitable career roles that students can apply for after completing a degree in journalism and mass communication. Read on to know more. 

  • News Analyst − Often referred to as anchors or newscasters, broadcast news analysts host and synchronise news programs on the media (radio or television). They typically engage in reading news articles, providing lead-ins for external reports, interviewing guests, as well as conducting panel discussions. They specialise in gathering information by conducting research, interviews and polls, moving on to analyse and interpreting it for the audience. From time-to-time, they may also be required to edit news materials and examine news items for national and international significance.
  • Art Director − Art directors are accountable for the visual styling and imaging in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, as well as in movie and television productions. They specialise in creating the overall design of a media concept and supervise over other employees who are responsible for developing artwork or layouts. In addition to this, they might be responsible for developing budgets and timelines and are proficient in analysing the design elements of the projects assigned. 
  • Photo journalist – Photo journalists are generally hired for capturing images of events, incidents or the public to create a story for the press. Occasionally they may also engage in editing and preparing images taken in real-life situations to obtain visual materials that can support news materials. They are usually proficient in operating a range of cameras and image-enhancing equipment (artificial lighting, lenses and filters). Their day-to-day duties may also include liaising with reporters to position images in a manner that is in cohesion with news stories.
  • Feature Writer − Feature writers are journalists at a magazine, newspaper or online publication. They are primarily responsible for researching and writing feature stories (cover story or a long-form article). They produce news pieces by gathering information form in-depth interviews, extensive research or investigative reporting. These professionals typically work under a feature editor, where they may have to pitch stories to the editor on their own or maybe assigned topics to work on.
  • Media Production Specialist − Media production specialists engage in different aspects of producing audio and video content that can be used in commercials, movies, online or in other realms. They possess video equipment skills and are proficient at handling computer software and video editing. These professionals work to produce items such as commercials, films, short documentaries, audio messages and videos. 

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned job roles, then roll up your sleeves and apply for a BA Journalism and Mass Communication now!


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