5 MBA Specialisations that Are Making a Mark in the Business World

It’s been a long while since MBA was first introduced as a professional degree course in the early 20th century. Since then MBA has come a long way. The once general program that imparted management principles is now a highly specific course. With new industries popping from every possible function, MBA has also evolved to accommodate the changing needs of organizations operating across various sectors.

MBA admission is one of the most talked about topics among students – and why not? It’s among the most in-demand professional courses. Not only it has the power to kickstart careers, but it’s also a course that has a 360-degree impact on all professionals. Since MBA is an integral part of education and organizational function – it has many specialisations that address different core functionals in an organizational structure.

Here are 5 MBA Specialisations that are Making a Mark in the Business World

  • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Many processes have improved significantly over the course of last decade. Logistics and supply chain management is one function that has evolved tremendously and continues to innovate across micro-processes.

The growth of e-commerce and retail has created a massive demand for professionals with a specialised degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. A student who takes MBA admission in this specialisation will learn about the A-Z of logistics and supply chain – from the raw material to the final delivery of the product in the market.

This specialised course will impart an understanding of multiple facets of the logistics and supply chain business such as material management, transportation, purchasing, customs regulations and more.

When choosing a specialisation like MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management or any other mentioned below, look for universities that offer industry-aligned curriculum and have certain credentials. Universities like UPES offer MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and have received specialized accreditation through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

  • MBA Oil and Gas Management

Oil and Gas are among the core fields of the economy. The industry has many opportunities for students from a management background. MBA Oil and Gas Management is a specialisation that imparts education in this core sector.

With an MBA in Oil and Gas Management, professionals can leverage the rising consumption of energy sector. Since the sector is always rising, a specialised degree helps professionals respond to market demands.

Furthermore, MBA in Oil and Gas Management also opens up avenues for excellent career options where a professional can pursue different job roles in Refinery Management, Corporate Planning & Strategy, Business Analysis, Loyalty Program Management, Gas Business, and Marketing, Operations Management, and Financial Management.

  • MBA Business Analytics

Business Analytics has been around for a while now but has formalized over the past few years. It is the combination of applications, processes, and technologies to gain insights into the business. It is entirely based on data and uses it to drive better business planning.

In today’s interconnected world, there’s an overwhelming amount of data everywhere. In fact, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated each day. The number is exponential and in the last two years – almost 90% of the world’s data was generated.  

MBA admission in Business Analytics specialisation will serve as a perfect opportunity for students to make a career in a sector that is going to skyrocket in the future. Students who like to work with data can make use of this inclination and convert it into meaningful information. This specialisation also teaches about Big Data – which is the next big thing in the world of data analytics.

  • MBA Aviation Management

Aviation is an evergreen field of study whose demand is going to stay for a long time. With new airports and airlines coming up now and then, the need for professionals who are well-versed with the aviation side of things is growing.

An MBA in Aviation Management will allow professionals to equip themselves with all skills that are required to fulfill the role of a manager in the aviation industry. The specialisation also imparts knowledge about cargo, aviation safety, fleet management, ground handling, regulatory management and more.

The demand is going to stay, and MBA Aviation Management will be among the front runner specialisations for thousands who want to get into the aviation field. So, an MBA admission in this specialisation is guaranteed a fulfilling career.

  • MBA International Business Management

Globalization is perhaps the most significant factor that has brought a substantial change in the business world. The significance of international business across different sectors in massive.

MBA in International Business Management imparts education that will enable a professional to become well-versed with all the details of carrying out business activities across the world. Today, the globalised world has a lot of scope, and hence MBA International Business is perfect for professionals who want to go in that area. The global business demand has many opportunities to manage and expand business overseas, and organizations prefer professionals with a specialised course.

MBA is a global professional degree program and has numerous specialisations. The demand for the five MBA specialisations mentioned above is so vast that they have left a permanent mark in the business world. The demand is only going to grow, and the need for such professionals will rise in the near the future too.


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