5 New Power Grids are Coming to Mohali | Goodbye Power Cuts

Punjab has been eyeing to get hold of the beautiful city of Chandigarh since long. Knowing that it is not so easy, the state has developed Mohali the neighboring city into a well developed region. Despite all the progress, power cuts have been hampering the lives of people in Mohali and when they compare the city to Chandigarh, there’s a lot of difference.

Even being so close to the green city- Chandigarh, Mohali faces huge shortage of electricity and experiences lots of power cuts. If you live in Mohali then you must be well aware how the electricity-shortage is causing hindrance in the various tasks and affecting the daily life routine. But now, things are changing and they are set to be changed for the good.

New Power Grids for Mohali

People living in Mohali & nearby areas of Punjab can have a sign of relief as new power grids are coming to Mohali. This is definitely a good news. These power grids would have the capacity of 66KV and 5 power grids have been planned. These power grids would be equally beneficial to the farmers of the rural areas of the district as it will will ensure them uninterrupted power supply and they can manage their agricultural operations more effectively. These power grids will be set up soon and the all requirements have been processed. However, it will take up to 1 year for these 5 new power grids to start functioning.  

Electricity Cuts in Mohali

In Mohali, power can be seen snapped at frequent intervals with no electricity for hours and even during the night. Low voltage is also an issue which at times does not allow most of the appliances to work. Not only for residential purposes, uninterrupted power supply is equally important for the commercial and industrial sector as well. Frequent power cuts hinder the working of the industries and this is the reason industries and factories have to invest in getting expensive power backups so that they can meet the customer needs on time. The power department officials said that grants has been approved  by central government for power rejuvenation  in urban areas and Rs 40 crore has been approved for Mohali district and Rs 10 crore for Nawa Shehar and Roop Nagat district.

As the new power grids are being set up in Mohali, the people living there can hope for having the similar supply of electricity as it is in the Green City, Chandigarh.  The Mohali district has demanded 60,000 units per day, whereas the supply at present is around 36,000 units only.  The demanded unit would be sufficient to meet the daily requirements of the district be it residential or commercial.

With Chandigarh International Airport falling in Mohali and also a world class ISBT coming up in the city, power demand has shot up tremendously. These new grids will surely be a great help.

So, lets hope our neighboring city Mohali too enjoys less power cuts .



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