5 Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

A place amidst the Abode of Snow, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular holiday destinations for travelers. The awestruck beauty of the state leaves all its visitors enchanted. The distinctive culture, spectacular view of the magnificent Himalayas, and the heartwarming love of the locals are just a glimpse of what the state proffers to the tourists; the reality is beyond description by words. While in the state, you should definitely visit the following places before you complete the trip without a miss. Here comes the list of the top five places to pay a visit whilst in Himachal Pradesh:


In the land of diversity, Khajjiar is the mini Switzerland of India. Surprising isn’t it? A small hill station village, Khajjiar is a stunning place. The lush greenery all around, stupefying snow-bound mountains circumscribing the entire area, the peaks touching the heights of sky, and the sound of the musical air; this is truly heaven on Earth. The presence of a lake jewels the beauty of Khajjiar further with its crystal clear water. A dreamland come true on Earth, Khajjiar is a place that you will fall in love with.


Do you want to take a trip to the promise land? Then do visit Shoja, a location where you will undoubtedly want to settle and stay forever. Shoja shows you the true colors and ambiance of Himachal. Come closer to the ethnic essence of the state through this small yet astounding place. Lieback or sit within the wooden cottages and enjoy the panoramic view of the sun setting beyond the huge mountains. The place is well known to create memories that last for a life.


A wondrous marvel of architecture, Renuka Ji is as fresh and as stupendous as a painting. The town is named after the Goddess Renuka Devi. The temple dedicated to the Goddess nestles at a picturesque locationbeside the limpid waters of Lake Renuka. The flowing water of the lake is so clean, pure, and untouched that one might find his own reflection as sharp as a mirror. Renuka Ji is in truth the bliss of nature. Feel the divinity of the Goddess, at her own realm.


The scenic beauty of Jibhi is phenomenal. One may witness the water originating from the streams, cutting through the tough boulders, murmuring and enchanting the song of nature, and bearing the heart of a diamond; Jibhi is a poet’s words come true and an artist’s imagination out of the canvas on to reality. Apart from enticing you with its beauty, the behavior and aura of the people will own your heart and soul.


Just the way you find in the movies, a village amongst the valleys of the Great Himalayas, flanked by mountains from both sides, and a bubbly stream flowing through the mid; GadaGushaini is dream come true. It is a paradise that one must experience at least once in his lifetime. Gada Gushaini is parented by the Mother Nature herself. A perfect holiday destination could not get better than this.

Himachal Pradesh is a splendid state and is worth visiting. The above described are the offbeat places that you must seek for while in the state. For any further details, you may check out Nerds Travel.


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