5 Platforms Where Local Artisans Can Showcase Their Work

India has a rich and diverse culture that is known all over the world for the distinctive art form that every state of the country has to offer. Handicrafts used to be part of people’s daily lifestyle but that was in ancient times, the time has passed now and people rarely use these handcrafted products. People have become more civilized and they are now using more developed and fine products. 

Artisans and craftsmen are the people who are keeping the historic art form of India alive not locally but also globally, however, these people have faced many difficulties reaching out to their audience and gaining profits but thankfully, there are now platforms available for artisans and craftsmen in India from where they can grow and showcase their work. These platforms are listed as under:


Craftsvilla is an Indian e-commerce portal where you can buy and sell ethnic footwear, apparel, fashion accessories,  beauty products, handcrafted home accessories, and other ethnic fashion products. Currently, the headquarters of the company are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. On Craftsvilla, you will find artisans, designers, and retailers from all over the country are using Craftsvilla is an online marketplace to buy and sell ethnic products.

The main goal behind the company is to remove the middlemen involved between the local artisans & designers and help them sell their products directly. The company provides a portal where local Indian artisans and designers can sell their products directly to not only local customers but also global customers. It is a good platform that encourages the local artisans to promote their brands and preserve Indian traditions and cultures. 


Craftezy is another online platform that was founded back in 2012. It is a fully managed B2B online marketplace for Indian artisans and handicraft products where they can sell their locally produced products. The platform connects retailers with buyers from around the country and across the world to help them grow their businesses. 

The company provides seamless solutions to both the buyers and sellers by facilitating end-to-end operations and it also provides dedicated support to help both. Craftezy has also partnered up with the best logistics companies from around the world to help the local artisans and sellers deliver their products without any problem and that is why you would find people talking about Craftezy on social platforms such as Twitter, Chatroulette.


Afday is an online marketplace and a craft & maker community where people from all over India come together to buy, sell & interact. The company was founded in 2019 and they are working to discover the best local artisans and craftsmen from all over the country and showcase their talents. The local Indian craftsmen have a lot of talent but their reach to the market is very poor and they are not able to reach their desired customers. 

However, Afday is making it possible for the best local craftsmen and artisans to connect to people from all over the country and sell their beautiful, handmade products. The products showcased on the company’s website include accessories, jewelry, apparel, gifts, home decor, and more, all of which are handmade & handcrafted. Just like socializing platforms such as Omegle, etc are made for people to socialize and get more exposure to the socializing world, Afday is a good platform for local craftsmen to showcase their products. 

The Indian Craft House

Local Artisans in India have very limited access to the market and they usually get prices that much less than what their products are worth and The Indian Craft House was started off with the sole objective of creating a fair price platform where artisans would be able to sell their products at a much better price. 

The company provides a platform where local artisans can sell their products across the sub-continent to domestic and global markets. It also provides a direct offline way of selling customized and bulk orders for various events, segments, clients’ giftings, and conferences. The company offers and showcases a unique selection of traditional art and craft from every corner of the country, procured from the local artisans or NGOs that are working with artisan groups.


QTrove is an online marketplace that only showcases natural and sustainable products from small and medium-sized sellers from different parts of the country. All of the products listed on the website are non-factory produced and free from harmful chemicals. 

The company was started in 2016 with the purpose of promoting local sellers who make unique and excellent products but were having difficulties reaching out to the market. You would find all sorts of products that you consume and use on a daily basis, from your kitchen to living room, to personal care products, all made from sustainable materials.


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