5 Reasons Why CBD Gummies are Best for Treating Tobacco Addiction

Congratulations, you have finally decided to remove tobacco from your daily regime. However, now you are battling the cravings and withdrawals, causing you to wonder if you will be able to succeed. Tobacco-free products come in both chew and vapes (this website has a few options), but they rarely help with the actual symptoms you are facing. The problem with simply removing tobacco is you are not addressing the aftermath of the addiction. The answer lies in CBD, a legal and natural substance. The following are only five of the many reasons using gummies to assist with treating tobacco addiction is successful.

#1 – Minimal Side Effects

Tobacco-free products and other nicotine replacement therapy products carry side effects that are just as frustrating as smoking. CBD will give you the same problems as marijuana, a dry mouth, and increased craving for munchies. However, both side effects only occur if you take a lot of cannabis. If you are taking medication, talk to your physician before you start edibles. CBD does have the possibility of decreasing your ability to metabolize the medication, reducing the effectiveness. The reason you do not have the hallucinations or red eyes that are found in marijuana is that CBD does not have enough cannabis to create these effects. This also makes it very difficult to form an addiction to the gummies.

#2 Tastes Better and Aids Digestion

Let’s be honest, most people do not smoke because they enjoy the flavor. Of course, you can find flavored chew or vaping liquids. However, gummies taste like candy. Marijuana has the same problem as tobacco. It tastes earthy because it is a plant. This is not a problem when you smoke it, but not so great when consuming it orally. Most gummies come in fruit flavors and look a lot like fruit snacks. Finally, not only do these chewable medications taste good, but they also aid in settling upset stomachs.

#3 Contains Properties Similar to Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that help protect your brain and body through the removal of free radicals. CBD contains properties that work in the same manner. This property of gummies is why many physicians are turning to them to help with treating Alzheimer’s and other neurogenerative diseases.

#4 Prevent Cancer Development in Mice

Studies are still being conducted, but scientists are seeing a reduction in cancer cells in mice with the introduction of CBD. Everyone knows that tobacco and nicotine cause cancer, so this is good news for those looking to quit and reverse the effects of smoking. The research being performed is showing results of prevention of tumor growth, killing current cancer cells, and prohibiting the body from reacting to cancerous cells. They are still completing the tests on animals, but humans will be starting soon. Due to the minimal side effects, this has great potential in lowering the number of deaths due to cancer.

#5 Reduction in Mental Problems

One benefit most people need desperately is the ability to handle anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Stress is a problem that many individuals battle with work, home life, and politics. It is no surprise that people smoke when they are feeling overwhelmed. The introduction of CBD gummies into your routine will assist with the serotonin and adenosine receptors work better. These receptors handle how your body responds to anxiety and depression. Regulating these neurological aspects of your body will naturally cause you to relax and sleep better. Finally, you will increase your ability to focus on your life and handle situations with a clear head.

While more research is still being performed, it is clear that CBD is a better solution to treating tobacco addiction than others on the market. Shop at reputable stores (such as vermafarms.com/collections/cbd-gummies) to make sure the product you are buying is tested and consistent.


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