5 Reasons Why Mobile Gaming is Thriving

Mobile phones were originally designed for making communication easier and more affordable. However, as new technologies emerged on the surface, these devices became smarter and smarter, and now we basically have powerful computers that you can carry in your pockets. This has also made it possible for the users to run beautiful and immersive games on them which explains the growing mobile gaming industry.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has become a serious market for both users and tech companies. We all have heard or read stories about the new “PUBG addiction” that’s taken the country by the storm which is akin to the “candy crush fever” that spread some odd 5-7 years ago. Then there is news about telecom companies capitalizing on the growing gaming market, like the BSNL gaming offer that comes with unlimited data and free games. However, this begs the question- why is mobile gaming really thriving? Let’s take a look at the top 5 factors:

1. Affordability

Today, we have two major console families i.e. Xbox and PlayStation whose latest entries can offer immersive gaming experience with advanced graphics and state-of-the-art accessories. The problem is that not everyone can afford these powerful gaming machines. In addition to that, only limited people have decent computers which could allow them to play the latest games with friends and family. However, two-thirds of the population i.e. around 5 billion people have mobile connections which not only says something about the size and reach of the mobile industry, but it also makes it easier to understand why there are so many mobile gamers across the globe.

It’s easier to play games on a mobile phone that you already own rather than invest money in a product that’s dedicated to gaming (consoles) and comes at a high price. So, even though the hardcore gamers aren’t going anywhere who don’t mind spending tens of thousands of Rupees to build the ultimate gaming PC, the fact is that smartphones offer an affordable path to gaming which is why mobile gaming will only grow over the years to come.

2. Free to play

This point is linked to the previous one; like the hardware, the actual games on traditional platforms like Xbox and PC are quite expensive. While the AAA titles can cost anywhere around Rs. 3,500 to 4,000, the indie games can also go as high as Rs. 500 to Rs. 700.

Most people in India, as well as the other developing countries, believe that the pricing of the AAA games is simply ludicrous as that’s almost half of the monthly salary of most people. The low-budget games are also not that affordable either. However, a large number of premium mobile games are “free to play” as the developers generate revenue through advertisements or game upgrades. This is why these games are able to attract more people than other high-budget games that are designed for popular consoles.

3. Easy Money

Most people have to work hard to make a living. So, if there is a mobile game that allows you to win real money, it can’t be hard to convince the people to try it out.  That’s exactly why mobile casinos are becoming so popular and giving a major push to the entire mobile gaming industry.

There are all kinds of casino apps like slots, poker, etc. which you can download on your phone and play to win real cash. Some of the trending jackpot games can give you a chance to win lakhs of rupees easily! In fact, if you haven’t tried any of these games before, then it’s strongly recommended that you download an app or two yourself to see what the hype is all about.

4. Convenience

This list won’t be complete with the convenience factor. After all, the main USP of a mobile phone has always been portability and easy access. So, whether you are waiting for your turn at a doctor’s clinic or riding a cab to work, you can always kill the time by playing some of your favorite games on your smartphone.

5. Fun with Friends

The reason why games like PUBG mobile and Asphalt Xtreme are so popular is that elevate the fun factor by allowing you to play with friends. It doesn’t matter how far your friends live, you can all come together to enjoy some intense matches playing as a team.

Mobile Gaming is the Future

Mobile gaming is here to stay, there is no question about it. In India, it’s projected to become a billion-dollar market which makes a big statement itself. As the cost of smartphones is coming down, thanks to the massive competition, and the computing power increasing every quarter, we can expect an influential and disruptive subculture of mobile gaming soon.


Ajay Deep

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