5 Simple Tips for Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

The revenue of rough diamonds steadily increases since 2016, as stated by the recent Global Diamond Report. Statista reported that diamonds drastically grow in value throughout the process, which begins from production to retail.

Nowadays, people have a lot more options when it comes to purchasing diamonds. They can buy them from local retailers or shop for diamond jewellery online. Meanwhile, the Gemological Institute of America, which is the leading establishment for the studies and research of gemology, recommends tips in buying jewelry online confidently without wasting money. 

Purchasing diamond jewelry online provide convenience and often offer a lot more selection to the buyers, consumers need to proceed cautiously and wisely for a secure transaction and to avoid getting scammed.

Here are some of the tips for buying diamond jewelry online: 

Research and learn

Similar to any other essential purchase, buyers need to research and learn about the stuff that they are going to buy, especially if the items are quite expensive, like diamonds. Potential buyers need to understand about the four Cs of the diamond qualities, which include carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, as well as cut grade. 

Knowing the specifics of the diamond qualities while setting aside a budget will make the whole ordeal of choosing the right diamond easier.

Find the grading report and verify the details 

The value of a diamond largely depends on its quality. Thus, unbiased, third-party evaluation of the diamond’s quality in terms of its four Cs is vital. Consumers must ensure that the diamonds they are going to buy have an independent grading report. An example of which is the one that the GIA provides.

If the diamonds have an assessment report from the GIA, buyers can easily confirm the report information by checking them on the Report Check, which is a GIA-secured online database. The site can also provide a printed copy of the report.

Search for a laser inscription

The diamond’s laser inscription comprises its unique grading report number and is only viewable under 10x microscopic magnification. It gets inscribed before it is put up for sale, or when the buyer requests for its inscription during the purchase. The laser inscription serves as an added security for the costly gemstone.

Aside from the diamond’s report number, buyers can also request an inscription in the form of a meaningful symbol or personal message to give the diamond a sense of personalization.

Know your seller

Before proceeding to check-out, buyers need to go through a few quick inspections to ensure that the online diamond retailer is reputable and trustworthy. Some of the things that they can check on include:

  • How long has the online shop runs its business
  • Reviews by previous buyers
  • The company’s affiliation with any jewelry trade organization
  • The availability of a secure transaction
  • Return policy of the company
  • The location of the company
  • The shipment policy of the company

Buyers that wish to buy from online sites that are located abroad need to proceed cautiously since the attempt for a return or refund may take much longer and can be quite frustrating.

Get an appraisal for the diamonds

Once buyers receive their diamonds, they need to look for an independent appraiser to verify that the diamond matches the seller’s details and grading report. The appraiser can also offer buyers with the diamond’s value for insurance.


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