5 Tips on How to Write Your College Term Paper

During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) imposed break, professors are constantly administering assignments to their students as part of keeping them busy. Education stakeholders are also in agreement that it is an effective strategy to countering the time lost during the break. No one wants the idea of canceling the semester. Therefore, everyone is trying their best to ensure that learning can continue through online platforms.     

Before the break, the semester was headed for completion. Therefore, as you would expect, a college term paper was one of the assignments on the cards before the exams. It is one of the common assignment issued in American assignments towards the end of the semester. 

Therefore, during this break, the chances are that most of you are already busy working on the paper. Others are getting started, which is why they are browsing for tips on how to approach this paper effectively. Luckily, this article won’t disappoint because it furnishes you with the tips you require.

Carefully Reading the Instructions Provided

The first step, when approaching any assignment or exam, is to read the instructions provided carefully. Understanding the instructions gives the necessary clarity of what is expected of you in the term paper. It also offers you an opportunity to seek clarification from the instructor in case some instructions are not clear to you. 

Having a clear understanding of the instructions also gives you a good starting point for your assignment. You stand to understand better the areas covered by the term paper, hence informing your area of focus. As we proceed, you will come to realize why it is important never to ignore this stage. 

Develop a Unique Topic

The first instance where your understanding of the term paper instructions will be tested is when coming up with a topic for the work. The topic selected should be unique and relevant. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the instructions will make the process of brainstorming the topic an easy one. 

The term paper topic chosen will influence the direction you take in the task. Also, choosing the right topic attracts the reader to develop an interest in reading your paper. The topic should be interesting to you so that it motivates you to write the paper.   

Develop the Term Paper Outline

How do I effectively write my paper? One great secret of writing an effective term paper is to have a good plan in place. You achieve this objective by developing an outline, which you will base your work on. Having the structure in place ensures that you effectively organize your ideas and make it easier for your professor to read the work. The following are the important sections to include in your outline:


It is usually the first thing that the reader sees after the cover page. It provides them with a basic overview of your work. From the abstract, the reader should be able to establish the issues under discussion and the conclusions made. As a rule, make sure that it is less than a page long. 


The introduction section provides background information on the topic chosen. You are expected to make the reader understand what the topic is about and the issues covered under the topic. Further, it is expected that you will explain the topic’s significance and the motivations for selecting the topic. Finish the introduction with a clear thesis statement that describes how you plan to address the identified issues. 

Literature Review 

The literature review section highlights the process followed in acquiring the results you will present in your paper. Highlight the methodologies utilized while providing the rationale for your choices. Also, provide details on how the said procedures will be implemented in your paper.  


Once you have presented the results of your study, the next step is expounding on the findings. The discussion section should begin by first analyzing the critical findings made. Proceed to explain what these findings mean and the conclusions drawn from them. Later, provide recommendations based on the findings made on the topic. 

Reference List

A well-written term paper is based on well-researched facts. Providing this evidence will require you to cite the source you obtain them from. Make sure that the list of references provided adheres to the formatting guidelines provided in the term paper’s instructions. Also, make sure the list is arranged alphabetically. 

Research Aggressively

There is no shortcut when writing a term paper. You have to be armed with enough facts and evidence to support your chosen topic. The only way for you to achieve this level of preparedness is by conducting enough research on the issues to be discussed. Having a clear topic and outline for your work will make the research process a little bit easier for you. 

Proofread Your Paper Before Submission 

The final and most important stage of writing your term paper is proofreading it. The step is largely ignored by students, which is why they find themselves scoring lower grades. Going through your work one last time helps you countercheck errors you may have made and correct them before submission. Some students go the extra mile of having an external professional reviewing their work. 


Term paper remains one of the most important assignments for college students. It carries a lot of weighting to the final grade. Therefore, students must find ways to increase the grades they score in this paper. This article has provided you with tips on how to do just that.


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