5 Tips to be a Pro in Online Betting

Betting has been a part of society for a long time; for some, it has been a source of easy income. For some to have a little wager with friends and family is a fun game.

However, with the advent of the digital era, online betting has become more popular among people. 

And now as the report says Indian Gambling Market is all set for a Millenial Push in the online casino industry. There are multiple different websites, apps, and sports to bet on. It takes little time and patience to be a successful punter.

Anyone who is interested in waging can start their journey even with basic knowledge and betting tips. 

Let’s jump straight into some online betting tips that can level up any beginner to a pro. These are the ‘5-S’ of online betting:


The way sports and games you bet on need a strategy to win, the same way it needs a strategy to win the wager. People often refer to betting as a game of luck but ask the pros, it is the strategy that helped them climb up the ladder, and luck has always been a tiny factor. It is always advised to make a strategy before you jump and make a wager. Beside this it is also important to stay updated with the online casino technology that is good for cyber security.

  • Don’t be intuitive

As mentioned earlier, the strategy would take you much farther than luck would ever do. The way a sport or game is going on must be noticed and analyzed before placing a wager. 

A lot of thought goes into it. You should make a wager just because your gut says something about the sport. 

  • Don’t fall for offers/freebies

There are umpteen numbers of betting sports and applications. As much as it’s true that they are to help you and make your betting experience better, one shouldn’t always trust them. A lot of websites and online betting applications give off free offers, as good as that sound, the only agenda behind that is to scam and take away money from punters. 

A new person should be more careful about that and make sure to not fall for shady offers and always focus on strategy and game.

  • Look for options

As mentioned above, there are umpteen numbers of apps, websites, and sports to bet on. One should choose the option that yields the best result for them. There are various payment methods available at websites you have to choose the best whether you are going with UPI Betting or any other payment options.

A punter should look for different sports and websites if the current one isn’t working out for them and do it quickly. Digital betting provides punters the ease of changing their style and strategy and platform.

Stick to your Sport/Domain

A punter performs best when he’s playing in his domain, whether a pro or a newcomer. It is true that online betting platforms allow you to play wager on multiple sports and casino games but one should stick to the game he knows well and can build up strategy accordingly. 

A known game will certainly give you an upper hand compared to a new one. A veteran punter spends time to know his sport and analyse the game to make sure that he comes out winning.

For instance, If an online betting punter is playing a wager on a casino game he must know the game and rules beforehand.   

In the same way, if a punter prefers cricket as a sport, he should play a wager on cricket to get optimum results. A punter must know the factors that govern the game and analyze them. If he chooses cricket, he must know, 

  • The team you’re interested in.
  • Team strategy.
  • Performance of the opposition.
  • Form of the individual players.
  • The pitch condition.
  • Weather conditions

Shortlist a good betting app/website

Online betting depends a lot on the app/website you’re playing on. The experience a platform provides you either improves or impairs your performance. One must be very careful while choosing a betting app so that they don’t regret it later. Few things one should look for in a betting app/website:

  • UI

The User Interface is the home screen that appears first on your app. It is very important to look for an app with a relatively cleaner UI. A messy or overstuffed UI can be very distracting and one can miss out on important information. As catchy as it may look, it is not always helpful. A punter should keep this in mind while choosing a platform

  • Offers

Offers can be very attractive and they help boost users’ interest in betting but an offer is good only when it’s genuine and not some scam as mentioned above. One should look for apps that give starting bonuses and offers and stay vigilant at the same time.

  • Security

These online betting apps and bookmakers involve online transactions. Any place where your hard earned money is involved should have optimum security to protect your hard earned money. Look for apps that are well optimized for online transactions and have secure transaction features. 

A secure app/website prevents online data stealing and allows you to play wager without being worried about your data and funds. Also, an article casinofox.in suggest players should ensure that the sites should always be SSL Encrypted

  • Additional benefits

Due to the availability of multiple apps in the market there’s huge competition among them. Therefore, to stay ahead in race and to attract more users these apps provide additional benefits that differs in different apps. 

A punter shouldn’t miss out on that and must avail those benefits. One can use more than one app to play wager and increase their chances of winning. 

Stay Steady and Disciplined

It is very important to be consistent and disciplined while playing a wager. Discipline is a very important human character and one should incorporate that in every aspect of their life.

Consistency is the key to be a pro from an amateur. One shouldn’t lose hope after one or two losses. Even veteran punters lose money after years of experience. One should re-analyse and change their strategy whenever they face a loss. 

Supervise your Spending 

It’s very important to manage funds while you’re playing a wager. One shouldn’t lose direction in the flow and overspend their hard earned money on betting. It is always advised to use disposable money to bet on online betting platforms. 

Moreover, if someone is actively playing wager, making a separate would be a better option . One shouldn’t lose unnecessary money that they might need for use. 


Betting can be a good way for passive income but it should be fun as well. I hope the above mentioned tips help you level up your betting game. The tips will be very helpful for a beginner to start their betting journey.


Ajay Deep

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