Chandigarh Traffic Police recommended 5,139 Driving Licences for Suspension in 2017

Chandigarh Traffic Police Recommends Driving Licences Suspension of Over 5000 Offenders

The Chandigarh Traffic Police recommended suspension of a total of 5,139 driving licences (DLs). It was reported that the Chandigarh Traffic Police has recommended the suspension of these driving licences for the year 2017. As per the report, most common traffic violations in the year 2017 include red-light jumping, drunken driving, over speeding and talking on mobile phone while driving.

New offence added to the list to check offenders

In the beginning, the Chandigarh Traffic Police initiated suspending the DLs for different traffic offences which included red-light jumping, over-speeding and talking on mobile phone while driving.

The Chandigarh Traffic Police had adopted the new rule of suspending the driving licences of traffic rule offenders in November 2016. Initially, the Traffic Police started suspending the DLs (driving licences) for traffic offences including over-speeding, red-light jumping and talking on mobile phone while driving. Later drunken driving offence was also added to the list by the Traffic Police.

Driving Licences suspended for three months

Suspended of the DLs (driving licences) was recommended for three months. This suspension was earlier recommended on consequent offence but the modified rule included suspension of DL even if the offenders is caught making a violation for the first time. As per the report, 5,139 driving licences were recommended by the Traffic Police for suspension for all the four traffic offences (mentioned earlier) during the last year.

According to a senior official of the Chandigarh Traffic Police, a maximum number of suspended driving licences is for drunken driving. Over speeding is the second most occurring offence. There have been several cases where the drivers are found making these offences without carrying a valid driving licence. In the dearth of a valid DL, the case is forwarded to the court for legal action.

What does the Traffic Police rule say?

As per the Traffic rule, the traffic police recommends the suspension of a DL in front of the local court. Following the hearing, the DLs are sent for suspension to the issuing authority. The traffic violator has to collect the challan from the office of issuing authority concerned after the completion of three months.

A piece of advice for Chandigarh Metro readers – Drive safe and follow all Traffic Rules! This practice will not only save drivers from getting penalised but will also make CIty roads safer for┬ádrivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

Source: The Tribune


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