Reliance Jio, Idea, Airtel & Vodafone Set For 5G in India | Budget of 500 Crore Passed by Government

Telecommunication industry in India has been in continuous debate for the launch and development of 5G in India. With the world experiencing a change in technology, Indian Telecommunication industry is working on the 5G technology development nowadays. With the top Telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio working on bringing the revolution of 5G in India, Indian folks are way confident to enjoy 5G services in the coming years.

Well! as per the sources, India will enjoy the 5G services by 2020.

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Reliance Jio to Launch MIMI Technology, First Step Towards 5G in India

As per the sources, the top Telecom brands including Reliance Jio, Idea, Vodafone and Airtel are all set to launch the MIMO technology in their respective networks. MIMO technology is the key component in enabling 5G and with this technology coming out, 5G is no more a distant thought for India.

MIMO basically stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output. This technology tends to increase the capacity of the base station by 5-7 times. This technology also reduces the interference and boosts the transmission signal to the device. With MIMO the data speed that could be yielded increases to 30 MBPS to 35 MBPS and even crossing 50 MBPS at the peak times, which is way higher than the 4 MBPS and 16 MBPS offered by 4G in India.

Airtel’s First Step Towards 5G in India

With India developing the change in Telecom industry, Airtel has already begun the deployment of this new technology enabling an open window for 5G in India. This big Telecom brand, Airtel has started its work on this new technology in Bangalore and Kolkata, which is further planned to expand to the cities, Pune, Hyderabad, as well as Chandigarh.

Reliance Jio Plans for 5G in India

Where Airtel is deploying the new technology to welcome 5G in India there, Reliance Jio is currently testing MIMO technology alongside ZTE, Chinese gear makers.

Idea’s and Vodafone Big Plan for 5G in India 

In the race of developing 5G technology in India, Idea, and Vodafone is also moving ahead with the MIMO development on 4G in India. With the fully developed 4G network, Idea and Vodafone are now implementing MIMO on 4G to improve the results.

As per the sources, Indian government is taking the matter of development of 5G in India as a top priority. It is not only the huge Telecom brands who are kicking their way in introducing 5G in India, but the ministries of Telecom, information, and technology, science and technology is also a part of the forum. With the best interest in the mind of launching 5G in India, a budget of Rs. 500 Crore is set by the government. Also, as per the estimation, India will enjoy the 5G services by 2020, says the government.

Well! For Sure India is taking the 5G development very seriously and is continuously putting its efforts to make it a reality. Let’s just wait and watch what happens next.

Source – igyaan


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