After 4G, Now 5G Services to Be a Reality in India | Check Out 5G Launch Date & Details

According to report, the Indian government has set up a high-level forum to approve and evaluate a roadmap and action-plan to roll out 5G services in India. It has been further reported that the Indian government wants to roll out the 5G services for its consumers in India in the next 3 years. The report states that the government has plans to introduce the 5G services in India by 2020.

5G services to be launched in India

The high-level forum that has been set up by the Indian government to approve and evaluate a roadmap to roll out 5G services in India includes ministries of telecom, science & technology as well as information & technology. The Indian government has set aside a corpus of Rs 500 crore for the research and development of 5G services in India.

It is worth mentioning here that as of now the universal 5G standards have not been agreed upon yet, though some of the countries are aiming to launch the 5G services by as early as 2018. Numerous countries are preparing to roll out 5G services despite the fact that the universal 5G standards have not been agreed upon.

5G-related activities with the pre-5G trials have already been initiated by Chinese telecom gear vendor ZTE. The company has initiated the pre-5G trials with telecom leader Bharti Airtel, and two other operators which include Vodafone India and Reliance Jio. The Chinese telecom gear vendor is focusing on advanced technologies to grab an opportunity in India for 5G services.

5G technology plans of some other countries:

In South Korea, country’s largest telecom company KT Corp has pronounced that it has plans to launch its 5G network in early 2018. The country plans to launch the 5G service during the Winter Olympics that are slated to be organized in February 2018. The telecom company in South Korea has seemingly completed trials of the system successful.

In the United States, the groundwork for 5G technology use by 2020 has already been initiated. It has been reported that Federal Communications Commission began creating regulations for 5G technology last year and it also opened the high-band spectrum for the technology. Currently, United State’s telecom giants AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint are already testing 5G components in the country.

The government of Japan is aiming to launch 5G services in the country by 2020. It has stated that the 5G technology will be faster than the 4G technology. Three of the biggest domestic telecom carriers have been approached to roll out 5G services in the country which include KDDI Corp., NTT Docomo and SoftBank Mobile.

China, too, is aiming to launch the 5G services commercially for its nationals by 2020.

Source: Moneycontrol


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