After 4G, Telecom in India Will Now Have 5G | Government to Hold 5G Spectrum Auction

India aims to deploy the 5G technology in the country in the next three years with the investment of 500 crores. The government has created a forum and included ministries of telecom, information and technology, and science and technology “We missed the opportunity to participate when the standards were being set for 3G and 4G, but don’t want to miss the 5G opportunity. Now when the standards are being set for 5G across the world, India will also participate in the process,” Minister of State for Communications Manoj Sinha said.

Uses of 5G over 4G

5G is believed to set the infrastructure for the deployment of next-generation broadband technology. The government intends to provide 10GBPS speeds in urban areas and 1GBPS in the rest of the country.

It will be more reliable source of communication.

It is designed by keeping the next generation internet of things (iot) in mind.

It will use significantly less power than the current 4G system.

Launch Date of 5G in India

India will be one of the first countries to deploy 5G technology in the world. The timeline revealed by the Indian Government is believed to be 2020. The government has already started consulting the experts for holding a 5G spectrum auction. ZTE, a major gear vendor who has previously helped in deploying the 4G technology in India is already in talks with major telecom companies like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone.

India’s largest telecom service provider Bharti Airtel Ltd on Tuesday said that it would deploy a Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology, which is a key enabler for 5G networks. This technology will help in deploying 5G more efficiently. Airtel is implementing MIMO in Bengaluru and Kolkata and would expand to other parts of the country soon.

Other countries in the same process

Meanwhile, if the reports are true a successful trial of the 5G technologies is already been carried out in China. They look to deploy 5G in the country as soon as 2018. Korea’s largest group KT Corp has also announced the plans to roll out 5G in February 2018. Not far behind USA has also laid the groundwork for 5G by 2020.

Source – ET


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