6 Most Consumed Beverages in the World

‘Beverage’ is the word of Middle English that came from the French word ‘bevrage’ that was derived from the Latin word ‘Bibere’ which means to drink. This word is used to refer to a liquid consumed by humans except for water. According to some reports, drinking a beverage is the most common activity that a person does in a single day. We might forget about breakfast but forgetting about morning coffee, not a chance. We might be fine with a party that has no food but a party without any drinks makes us furious. The choice of beverage is also a very crucial subject. Some people judge our personality by the drinks we use to keep ourselves hydrated. Following is a list of some of the most consumed beverages in the world.

  • Coffee

Coffee is the most popular beverage being used worldwide with more than 400 billion cups consumed every year. It is basically brewed from coffee beans. These beans are the seeds of a coffee tree. The quality of coffee depends upon these seeds. There are different types of seeds available in the market but Kona Coffee Beans (Hawaii) are considered one of the best coffee beans in the world. Coffee is the beverage that helps people kick-start their day. It contains caffeine in mild amount which increases brain activity.

  • Fresh fruit juice

Fruits are very important for our health and keep us fresh. They are useful for our skin and provide us with necessary vitamins. Eating raw fruits can be boring and tiresome but extracting juice and consuming them as a beverage is an intelligent solution to this problem. Orange juice, in particular, is the most common beverage in many parts of the world. The quality and taste of juice depend on the best juicer machine used to extract the juice. Some low-quality juicer machines may destroy the nutrients or may just waste them. It’s also possible that they don’t filter seeds, peel or extract juice properly so if you want to enjoy your extracts, spend more money on your juicer machine. If you are to go for a budget buy I would check with Consumer Reports or something like this resource.

  • Coca-cola

This is one of the many drinks being prohibited by doctors around the world but who cares. People still love it. There is hardly anyone around the world who does not drink coca cola in their lunch break. It is a carbonated soft drink and approximately 1.9 billion servings of coca cola are sold every single day. It is considered as part of the meal throughout the world, especially where alcohol or beer is not that common. In addition to coca cola, other carbonated drinks and energy drinks are also frequently used. 

  • Milk

Whenever anyone mentions a healthy diet, the first thing that comes to our mind is milk. Literally, everyone in the world knows about the benefits of milk. Undoubtedly, milk is the most consumed beverage in the world. Be it a child or an elderly, milk is drunk by people of all ages. An estimated amount of 746 million tons of milk is produced worldwide. The only natural source of milk is cattle but as technology has advanced artificial milk is also being produced in industries for quite some time now. 

  • Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks are the most ancient beverages in the world. Almost 5000 years ago, people discovered that fermented fruits cause buzz and they invented the process of fermentation. There are many alcoholic drinks e.g. vodka, tequila, beer, wine, martini, whiskey, champagne, scotch, etc. All of them have different compositions but one thing common in all of these is the ingredient of alcohol.  One of the most used alcoholic drinks is beer. It is cheap and easily available. Its ingredients include water, starch source, hops, yeast and a clarifying agent. Wine and champagne are also known as celebration drinks. They are rather expensive and are only consumed on special occasions. Tequila is used as a shot as its only use is to get drunk or lose control over oneself. There are many health concerns regarding alcohol consumption. Although some are used as medicines, it is a common view that alcoholic drinks are hazardous to health. They can cause heart attack, renal failure, liver failure, etc. Apart from these diseases, being drunk itself is a big problem. Under its influence, people have no control over themselves and their actions may lead to worse consequences. Despite all these concerns, alcoholic drinks are one of the most commonly used beverages in the world.   

  • Tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage being used all over the world. Tea was invented in 2373 BC in China. A person was boiling water under the tree and few leaves blew into the water from the tree. The result was tea and the tree was Camellia sinensis. In modern days, India is one of the biggest producer and consumer of tea in the world. In 2017 Americans alone consumed 84 billion servings of tea.


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