6 Qualities of a Car Accident Attorney One Should Look For

Life is uncertain, and you don’t want to be in a situation where someone is taking advantage of your vulnerability because you are unaware of your rights. You must have a car accident attorney to guard you against such instances when you are not in a sound mind to make crucial decisions. 

As per the Department of Transportation Query Builder (2020), there were 12,974 accidents in Austin, and 31,295 people were injured in these incidents. But, finding an expert Austin auto accident lawyer can be a daunting task when there is an ample lawyer. When choosing a car accident lawyer, you must keep the following six qualities in check. 


This is a no-brainer that a lawyer with more than ten years of experience representing such cases is better than a lawyer who has just started his law career.

Therefore, you must ask the lawyer or the law firm before hiring them questions like “legal experience, experience handling in auto accident field, winning ratio and clients feedback.” 

Because an experienced attorney has already dealt with cases like yours must know a way out of it.  

Successful Record

Austin has the best driving record of all the big cities in Texas. In 2016, there were 15,814 crashes in Texas, but only 79 were fatal. About 950,000 people were living in the city.

The potential of great lawyers is judged through their successful careers. You must look for the wins and inquire in-depth about their past cases. They must have already won complicated cases against huge insurance companies. And it is the most important thing to look for in your potential lawyer.

Insurance companies know how to demoralize their opponents; only a tough attorney can stay positive in such scenarios.


What’s the point of having a lawyer if one is not there for you in tough times? The lawyers who love their work and have a passion for rescuing their clients are the ones you go for.

Your lawyer’s office should be close to your location. They shouldn’t have a long list of clients; otherwise, your lawyer wouldn’t serve you well. Lastly, they should always have a solid staff to keep you updated about the case. 


The trick is to observe yourself with your lawyer. Not only yourself but the lawyer as well. Do you feel comfortable with them? Are they really concerned about you? How’s their attitude with other clients? Look for the answers to these questions. 

You will be spending a lot of your time with them. If you feel like they are not paying attention to your situation, you must keep looking for one who treats you well and feels comfortable.

Excellent communication skills

It’s unacceptable for an auto accident attorney to have poor communication. While representing a case like this, they must communicate effectively to create a vivid narrative of the accident. There are many choices to select from for an Austin auto accident lawyer, but you must take the time to have one for yourself.

The easiest way is to determine whether your attorney has good communication skills. Ask your potential one if they have ever litigated a jury trial. A negative reply is a red signal; you must look for someone else.


These cases are very sensitive, and a slight error from your side can set the case against you. The jury and the courtroom follow a predetermined set of rules; if your lawyer isn’t aware of the best practices and rules, it can jeopardize the case. Therefore, go for the most reputed auto accident lawyer in Austin because word of mouth never lies.


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