6 Reasons Concerning Flight Cancellations and Delays

Usually, when you plan your Air Travel, you have such a scenario in your mind while flying to any destination: arriving at the airport, do the check in, get your boarding pass, go through security, board the plane, and ultimately, take off.

But what if it doesn’t happen and you see a schedule change of the flight that too when you are not the defaulter?

There are some uncertain events that are involuntary and beyond your control and which could unintentionally impact your flight schedule. So let’s take a rundown at the primary reasons for a flight delay or cancellation that occur at the airports, causing trouble to one and all:

1. Mechanical Glitches

The mechanical issues can be well related to the maintenance problems of an aircraft due to which the flight you are travelling in will not embark until the issue gets discovered and resolved.

Some of the reasons accounting to the same could be a hydraulic leak, faulty engine, broken doors, or improper functioning of plane wings. Whichever be the reason, the flight is not allowed to take off in bad condition as it risks the life of passengers travelling along.

Ideally, to sort the problem, the airline gets delayed for a short time in case of a minor cause; nevertheless, in case of the major concern, either you will be switched to another flight (as per the availability) or might get cancelled.

2.Unpleasant Weather

Obviously, nobody wants to take the risk of commuting through a thunderstorm. This is one of the common causes that why a plane is grounded where an airline cannot afford to take chances over its travellers safety.

Inclement weather may account due to some adverse natural conditions like a snowstorm, hurricanes, fog, too hot weather, strong winds and many more which resultingly, causes inconvenience to the passengers because of flight delays or cancellations.

Times of India (TOI) 2018 report speaks, there were ten (10) cancelled flights and thirteen (13) delayed ones at the Chandigarh Airport which were put to halt due to zero visibility because of worse weather condition.

Even though the Airlines you are travelling with reschedules you on the next available flight, it is recommended to check the status of your flight well in advance before heading to the airport.

Say, if you are travelling by Air Canada, go for checking Air Canada flight status on its official app or other flight tracking apps to get real data insights.

3. Air Traffic Congestion

It is said that over 80,000 flights fly over the US skies every day. Now, this may seem a really big number, but air traffic control towers are able to handle these things on daily basis.

Problems arise when air traffic control has its hands full mainly due to holiday or some special event, and this issue causes further delays in flights. If you already have an idea that you are going to be travelling on a particularly busy day, make sure that you check your flight status consistently.

4. The Aviation System

It is said that around 25% of the flight cancellations or delays happen due to the procedures and restriction on the flight departure made by the NAS (National Aviation System).

The factors that NAS prioritizes may impact flight times and their departure, which is solely concerned with the travellers’ safety while on board with any Airlines flight. The factors raising delays include:

  • Heavy Air Traffic
  • Severe Weather Conditions
  • Airport operations
  • Air Traffic control Delays
  • And much more

The situation may be severe or mild, the issue may be big or small, the authorities do not allow flight departures till the situation gets on ease and the aviation personnel gets contented with the predefined checks on the overall scenario.

5.  Late Aircrafts’ Arrivals

There might be reasons due to which an Airline might get late as per its scheduled arrival time. Planes sometimes are put into heavy rotations; they are refueled, checked before flying.

This makes the delays occur, which affects passengers who have to board the plane from one stop and also those who were to take the flight from the flight’s destination place.

In such a case, the Airline authorities and professionals try to compensate the travellers either by making the necessary and essential arrangements or by switching them to the new flights.

6. Computer Issues

As we live in the digital world, there isn’t any work or task that can now be done without the help of computers and other electric devices. Almost all the operations at the airport are processed on the computers whether its check-in, security, baggage loading, etc.

Any glitch inside a computer may get things wrong and cause massive delays and cancellations which may consequently affect thousands of travellers commuting to different places.

The inconvenience caused by the Airlines gets compensated where the sufferers get refunds or change of flights.

The Last Say

The delays and cancellations caused are unintentional where the Airlines have to bear huge losses in lieu as there are thousands of flights operating at multiple global locations. Many flights share the routes and are connected with respect to time and flying destinations.

Thus, Airlines do cancel flight keeping in mind the commuters’ safety and convenience and ultimately to avoid even wider delays and cancellations.

For people travelling from Chandigarh Airport, I bring them a Chandigarh Airport travel guide which would help get more knowledge on their Air Travel to avoid inconvenience.

Happy Travelling!


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